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201'' Outdoor TV


201'' Outdoor TV

Your Home Cinema designed by Porsche Design Studio

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You find yourself in the company of your best friends. Today is the big game and your garden is all set up for an epic night of soccer and a picnic with everyone’s favorite treats. Guests have started to arrive... There is no TV in sight. The kick-off is moments away. And some of your guests seem a bit restless. Now is the time. You go for it. You press the button...

Emerging from the ground like a rocket, a strange structure rises to a height of up to four and a half meters (almost 15 feet), completely unfolding in 25 seconds, as if it was a satellite in outer space; seven panels and 15 loudspeakers are about to turn your garden into an auditorium, and your TV set into an 11 square meter sculpture. The panels turn and 780,000 LEDs in a 201-inch, full high definition screen boot up in 15 seconds. You try to see your friends’ reactions but now they are all just looking at you now. Jaws drop. You’ve already scored the first goal with this Giant Outdoor TV that has nothing to envy to your friends' Home Theater

If you are interested in this 201'' Outdoor TV from Porsche Design Studio, Trovel can get it for you.

Video from C-Seed.

General Specifications:

  • LED display with 201”, 10,8 m2 (116 sq.ft), 787,500 LEDs, 5,000 nits LED modules, 48-bit color depth, 281 trillion colors
  • Elevator device
  • Porsche Design Studio cover
  • Height adjustable support column
  • Radio remote control
  • 6 pairs of high-end broadband speakers à 250 W, 3 subwoofers à 700 W
  • C SEED 201 multi-source media controller with 3 x HDMI inputs, integration into home automation via RS232 control protocol, 4 TByte internal media content storage, rack monitor kit, multi language user interface

Environmental Control

  • Dehydration device (for areas >40% humidity)
  • Cooling device (for temperature above +40ºC) on request

UPS - Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • 400V/63A backup battery solution to ensure seamless system operation and safety features in case of input power interruptions

Cable Kit

  • <70m of length
  • Video/audio signals via fiber-optics, PLC signals and power supply

System Installation & Project Management

  • Site visit for C SEED 201 installation
  • Coordination of planning, transport and implementation
  • Mechatronical assembly, programming and testing procedures
  • Implementation of complete C SEED 201 system
  • Operating session with owner/representative

Concrete Shaft Construction

Besides the installation, a cement axis needs to be constructed on the ground. This can be done by a local contractor following C SEED’s specifications. This cost is not included in the price and is at customer's expense.   


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201'' Outdoor TV
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