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23 Michelin Stars in 60 Seconds

A constellation of culinary stars

23 Michelin Stars in 60 Seconds

A constellation of culinary stars

 Discover the cuisine of Michelin-starred restaurants in 60 seconds

Dearest food lover, we know how much you appreciate savoring five-star cuisine. You have most probably already dined at a Michelin-starred restaurant but... Have you ever gone behind the scenes? Come in and enjoy.

Here, we offer 60 seconds where the most prestigious chefs on Earth show all their kitchen mastery. A whole constellation of culinary stars.

23 Michelin Stars go by in one minute. This is gastronomy in its purest state.

All of the restaurants in this video have been awarded with at least one Michelin star. Among them you will find Alain Ducasse (France), The Fat Duck Restaurant (United Kingdom), Gordon Ramsay (United Kingdom), Mugaritz restaurant (Spain), that can boast of having 3 stars.

Look out for rapid-fire shots of exquisite dishes in their elaboration process that can easily be referred to as art pieces. Here, seafood stocks simmer, eggplants are blistered over an open fire, and artichoke hearts sizzle in a pan of fat in a dizzying montage.

The video is set to the soundtrack of “Food, Glorious Food,” from the musical “Oliver!”

Yes, this is Food Porn at it’s best!

Video produced by for The Staff Canteen.

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