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Alila Purnama

Discover the Indonesian marine seabed in the highest comfort and privacy on board this exclusive cruise ship


Alila Purnama

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Accommodated on the deck chair on your private deck, watch the first rays of sunrise on the horizon to bathe in the light of a new day, one of the seven Wonders of the World, Komodo National Park. The smooth swing of the Sea of ​​Flowers in Indonesia subtly breaks the absolute silence that surrounds you.

The minutes go smoothly and relaxed. After a while, the 16 members of the crew begin to mobilize, agile and discreet, to have everything ready when the rest of the family wakes up. As soon as you hear the children, you go down to the roof of the Alila Purnama, "full moon" in the local language, and you find the main table filled with freshly cut fruit, freshly baked toasts and croissants, and the irresistible smell of coffee coming out of the jar.

After breakfast, the imposing teak sailboat with classic lines unfolds with all its splendor the candles and begins to move gently on the sea towards the small island of Komodo. This island is not only worth exploring on foot, it is a gift for diving enthusiasts as well, since more than 260 types of coral and more than 1.000 species of fish, marine reptiles, dolphins, rays, turtles, whales and dragons inhabit Its surroundings with total freedom.

As soon as the sun begins to fall, it is time to return aboard the Alila Purnama cruiseship and regain strength with a well-deserved hand massage of your private therapist. An unparalleled way to make time for the Chef to take out the vegetables and fresh fish from the sailboat's barbecue. While tasting the exquisite food served by the Chef, the phinisi runs through the waters of Indonesia in search of the next island.

Time to relax, discover one of the jewels of our universal heritage and enjoy the comforts of the most elegant hotel you will find on the sea. All this next to yours and the gentle sea breeze that surrounds you. Do you need anything else?

A cruise like no other

Alila Purnama is a traditional phinisi style boat that has been converted to provide the best luxury accommodation. Alila Purnama is one of Asia's most luxurious boats, and provides an ultra-modern and relaxing stylish accommodation based on sustainability. The furniture throughout the boat is made from teak wood, rattan and other local materials from Indonesia. On board there are five suites that offer 180 degree views of the landscape. The entire ship is furnished with lots of details that make it different from the rest of the cruises you can find in the same area.

The most romantic expedition  

There is nothing more romantic than hoisting candles together and heading towards the fascinating islands of Indonesia. Along the way, magnificent sunsets, secluded beaches, dinner overlooking the ocean and moments of relaxation on the deck await you. Alila Purnama is a boat that offers exceptional service as it has a crew of 16 people for a maximum of 10 passengers. On board is included a therapist who performs a wide variety of spa services. In addition, activities offered such as snorkeling or excursions are suitable for two people. It creates an unforgettable memory next to the perfect backdrop and surrounded by touches of romanticism. Alila Purnama is the dream destination for any couple.

Private Charter

Alila Purnama is available for rent privately. Celebrate corporate or private events with maximum privacy and make that date so marked be remembered forever. In addition, by renting the boat in full you will also have more freedom of movement when you are sailing. You can extend the times of stops and suggest slight changes of itinerary according to your tastes.

The Snorkel Paradise

Between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores is the Komodo National Park, a world heritage site since 1986, located in the famous Coral Triangle, world heart of marine biodiversity. With more than 260 species of different coral and spectacular crystalline waters, it is inhabited by more than a thousand species of fish. It is not surprising that it is considered one of the most extraordinary enclaves for the practice of diving and snorkeling.

During the expedition you will visit the Komodo National Park located in the center of the Indonesian archipelago. It is an enclosure declared World Heritage by Unesco for its 260 types of corals and its more than 1.000 species of fish. It is an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling. In addition, the National Park has endemic species such as wild boar, sea buffalo, deer, monkeys and the famous Komodo dragon, a reptile that can weigh up to 166 kilos.

Day 1: Labuan Bajo

Reception by the crew and transfer by speedboat to Alila Purnama. Small briefing by the Director of the Cruise to know the safety procedures and sail to Sabalon Island. Lunch prepared by Chef Alila and late on the tropical beaches of Komodo. When night arrives, the Alila will anchor in Gililawa Laut.

Day 2: Gililawa Laut

The perfect day for snorkeling between dolphins and stingrays. In the afternoon, optional excursion to the top of Gililawa to see an exceptional panoramic view of the surrounding islands.

Day 3: Banta

Arrive first thing in the morning to the island of Banta, in the limit of the National Park of Komodo. Day to dive, to sail in kayak or to cross the island. You just have to choose what it is that you most want to do at that moment.

Day 4: Komodo

In the morning you will visit the tropical forests of the island to meet his most famous resident: the Komodo Dragon. This lizard is the largest in the world and can reach more than 3 meters in length. A guided tour with the rangers will help you to know all the details of this island, a World Heritage Site. In the afternoon, the Alila Purnama will anchor in the famous Pink Beach, to enjoy its crystalline waters and pink sands.

Day 5: Padar Island

Have fun snorkeling, snorkel among its warm waters or relax on the beach with a refreshing cocktail. If you want a little relaxation, on board the Alila Purnama, the therapist can offer you some of the Spa services on the menu.

Day 6: Batu Muncul

Free day to enjoy the white sands of its beaches. At night, there will be a barbecue under the stars.

Day 7: Labuan Bajo

After breakfast, farewell to Alila Purnama and her crew for a transfer to the airport of Labuan Bajo with destination Bali.


Raja Ampat literally means "four kings", making reference to the islands Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo and Misool. These in turn, are surrounded by a great variety of small islands, about 1.500 that cover 538,195 sq ft (50.000m2) of spectacular scenery. 70% of coral species are found under the waters of Raja Ampat so be prepared to dive their reefs and discover their seabed.

In the southern region of Irian Jaya, home of the Asmat tribe, you can enjoy its beaches and a collection of ancient objects from the wartime. Alila also offers an excursion that combines a visit to the Dani tribe located in Papua Guinea.

Day 1: Ambon

Arrival at the airport of Ambon where you will meet the crew of Alila Purnama. Once on board you will receive the cruise director and familiarize yourself with the safety procedures. As soon as the boat arrives on the island of Ambon you can swim or dive. Overnight in Nusa Laut.

Day 2: Nusa Laut

Nusa Laut has beautiful corals with a rich life that can be found in front of a small villa. You can see turtles, sharks and all kinds of fish while diving. In addition, you will have the possibility to observe dolphins and pilot whales.

Day 3: Banda Islands

The Banda Islands suffered an eruption in 1988 and consequently the corals grew massively in the area. Scuba diving here is surprising as you can swim among lava sediments. In Batu Kapal there are excursions to discover the Fort of Belgium and some plantations of spices. At night sail towards the island of Koon.

Day 4: Koon

The island of Koon has an incredible coral reef and great variety of fish. This is one of the best places to dive in Indonesia and offers the possibility to see large fish.

Days 5 & 6: Misool

The barrier of Missol is very rich in corals and the dive guides will help you to identify them. You will be able to find creatures as curious as the white frogfish or the stripes with spines. In addition, you will be particularly surprised by the mass of corals of different shades and colors.

Day 7: Dampier Strait

Sardine Reef is one of the classic dive sites in Dampier Strait. Here you can see endemic species such as the crossbow fish.

Day 8: Sorong

The last day of activities will depend on the time of your flight. Farewell of the crew of Alila Purnama and transfer to the airport of Maumere.

Its name means The Full Moon. Handcrafted, the most luxurious and modern version of the phinisi, a traditional Indonesian two-masted craft, was marketed by sailors from Bugi, south of Sulawesi. This type of ships were originally used for trade between the scattered islands of the Indonesian peninsula.

With a length of 46 meters, it has three decks and capacity to accommodate up to 10 passengers in its four cabins and a master suite with large windows that allow a 180 degree view to enjoy the changing landscape through which navigation. All boat furniture has been made with rattan, teak and other materials from Indonesia.

Alila Purnama has its own PADI diving center and Spa. Among the 16 crew members are the cruise director, a dive instructor, a Chef and a therapist to succumb to the relaxing pleasures of the prestigious Alila firm, either on the boat or on a nearby beach.

Alila Purnama has also a library, lounge, bar, dining room and Wi-Fi connection (subject to availability depending on satellite connection and technical conditions). You can dine on deck outdoors, in the indoor dining room with the comfort of air conditioning or a barbecue on the beach.

With this private option you can rent the boat for a minimum of 4 nights accommodating a total of 10 people. This option includes land transfers, excursions, meals, drinks, unlimited diving, activities such as snorkeling, all diving equipment and entrances to National Parks. Also during the 7 days of travel, a crew of 16 people will take care of the 10 guests.

Photos and video from Alila Purnama

Alila Purnama has a licensed dive center and qualified instructors. Courses are conducted from advanced level to 16 specialties including Air Nitrox, Deep, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Drift or Underwater Naturalist. The equipment that is on board is at your disposal whenever you want to participate in a dive. 

In addition, for those looking for other activities other than diving, there are options such as yoga, kayaking, snorkeling or the possibility of picnics or barbecues on the beach. 


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