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The White Desert: Antarctica's Eco-Luxury Camp

Explore Antarctica's best kept treasures, from the Emperor Penguin to the High Polar Plateau

White Desert Antarctica

The White Desert: Antarctica's Eco-Luxury Camp

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As you fiddle with a glass of Champagne between your fingers, you notice that the light that comes through the airplane window changes suddenly. Night gives way to day, it’s the midnight sun. This means you are about to land on the lowest part of the Earth.

Antarctica’s uniqueness is present from the moment you place foot on it. Here, every day feels different and an adventure is always awaiting.

Let the 4x4 get started to take you to your exclusive camp. The vehicle glides lightly over the vast ice. Upon your arrival the first thing you notice is the majestic frozen waterfall, that is over 60 meters tall, standing right in front of you. Its privileged location, comfort and strict eco-friendly policy make this camp ideal to begin your adventure.

After a day trekking through frozen waves and feeling the incredible cutting cold air while kite-skiing, it’s time to fly over to the Emperor Penguin.  

The empty surroundings reveal the grandiose presence of the white desert - It’s a treat to your sight.

Make way into the frozen ice caves under your camp, almost as if entering another planet. All of these emotions build up inside calling for a well deserved relaxing sauna to absorb and savor each and every detail of the day.

On the fifth day, before going back to base camp, feel like spending the night in a camp in the middle of the South Pole? This is the exact point where there is no more East, South or West on the planet. It’s only you and the North. Before dinner you can take a walk on the elevated frozen plateaus that surround you, a unique opportunity to learn from the best experts from the area and take a few spectacular pictures that your camera has never before had the chance to take.

Once again onboard, from the heights you can surprisingly appreciate the immensity of Antarctica. Tonight a top notch dinner with Champagne awaits so that you can toast to your latest adventures.

To make the most of this last moment, you head off to mountain Nunatak along with a team of professionals. As you descend, your pulse rises to the limit!

This eight day experience in the wildest white nature will take you, not only to explore the most extreme conditions on Earth, but also to rediscover a true feeling of peace, reflection and self growth.

An exclusive expedition with only 12 participants

Each expedition has been reserved for a total number of 12 participants and their guides. Therefore, the itineraries can be tailor-made according to the groups needs and wants. Due to the fact there are small groups, the performance in all activities can be adapted to the level of participants. The same members can decide if they want an activity at a soft or more demanding level. You can choose snow sports such as kite-skiing or ice hiking to raise up your adrenaline.

Adventure without sacrificing any comfort

You will be lodged in a eco-luxury camp (White Desert Camp), overlooking a 200ft ice fall. This retreat in the middle of the Antarctica, is made with six high tech fibreglass pods that are heated, cozy, and comfortable. They include bathroom and lounge areas. The camp is powered by solar energy due to the fact the camp has to meet ecological guidelines. At the South Pole, you will spend the night in specially designed camping tents that fight against the cold and unbearable weather conditions. Transfers to the different spots of the itinerary are made by 4x4, which brings an extra dose of comfort.

Unique activities on ice

Each day the expedition guides, who know the area well will suggest you a number of excursions and activities for you to choose from. You can go on a gentle trek through ice tunnels or walk around and explore the rugged region. There will be different activities including relaxed picnics, visits to local science bases, and rock climbing or even kite-skiing.

In this 8-day adventure, you will discover the heart of Antarctica. You will see first handedly the unique specie of penguins such as the Emperor Penguin. Once you are amazed by the penguin colonies and their abilities as swimmers, the expedition continues to the South Pole, the lowest point on earth.

Arrival day

The program starts in Cape Town, South Africa. Once the 12 participants have arrived to the White Desert offices there will be a security briefing. Also, your clothes will be checked to guarantee you have packed the appropriate garments.


Day 1

The first day, you will fly to Antarctica (5.5 hours) crossing thousands of icebergs. Halfway through the flight, you will cross into the polar circle and into 24hrs of continuous daylight. Then you will land in a special ice runway, which will then transfer you to the base camp. In the afternoon, a gentle  trekking will be made to prepare the expedition of the following days.

Day 2

Settle into White Desert’s “Whichaway” Camp and do as much or as little as you would like each day. Activities range from gentle treks to incredible ice waves, to kite-skiing , ice climbing and even abseiling into crevasses! The transfers to do these activities are made with a fully equipped Toyota Hilux 4x4.  


Day 3

We fly two hours across Antarctica, providing immense views of the high polar plateau before landing at the Emperor Penguin colony. You will be the only people to witness this incredible wildlife spectacle, and will be  able to get up close and personal.


Day 4

We explore the ice waves beneath our camp, delving into the series of ice tunnels that are as surreal as they are beautiful. The day ends with a visit to the nearby Russian science base to learn more about their work, followed by a sauna.


Day 5

You will leave early in the morning in heading to the South Pole, the lowest point on earth, in a DC3 Basler Turbo prop plane. The plane will fly across stunning mountain ranges before landing at 83 degrees South to refuel. You will have a chance to walk around the high polar plateau before continuing onto the pole. At the South Pole itself, you will have the chance to walk the polar plain.

After a 7 hour flight you will arrive to the South Pole. You will have the opportunity to visit Amudsen Scott science american station and learn about the revolutionary programs. You can also visit the souvenir shop before camping down for the night.


Day 6

After a night spent camping, you will be given a hearty breakfast, before boarding the plane once again for the flight back to your camp. The flight is the perfect chance to really appreciate the immense scale of Antartica, before you return to the camp for a three-course dinner and some champagne to celebrate your achievement.


Day 7

Today is an easier day where you’ll receive information about the Antarctic culture. In the morning there’ll be talks about some of the lesser known history of Antarctica and their world record breaking expedition. Then, you’ll have time for kite-skiing or make abseil near by Nunatak mountain.


Day 8

Fly back to Cape town where you will have time to relax after the expedition.  



Please take note of the following:

*This itinerary is entirely subject to weather conditions in Antarctica.  Exact dates and types of plane may vary.
*Please bear in mind that the South Pole is situated at an apparent altitude of 4.000m with an approximate ambient temperature of -25C. Those with pre-conditions for altitudes sickness should not choose this option.

You will be lodged in a luxurious campsite, White Desert’s “Whichaway” Camp, made of six high tech fiberglass pods that offer spectacular views to a 200ft ice fall. Its interior, with just over 6m in diameter, is spacious and includes a double bed, a desk and bathroom. The maximum capacity of this type of accommodation is for two people.

What you will love:

  • Small group
  • Personalized activities 
  • High level of comfort

When you need to relax, you can do it on your tent or in the common areas of the campsite. There are two tailor-made tents that include shower and kitchen.

This base camp is powered by solar energy and it follows a strict environmental policy. Each year, once the summer is over, the camp is dismantled to avoid causing any damage to the terrain. This complex, is the perfect start point to initiate your adventure.


What’s included?

  • Airport collection in Cape Town and transfer to your hotel.
  • Safety briefing in Cape Town
  • Return flight to Antarctica (inc. a 30kg baggage allowance)
  • All accommodation, food and drink (including all alcohol) in Antarctica.
  • All guiding fees, support of field guides and logistics staff.
  • The use of certain items  of polar clothing, as denoted on equipment list.
  • Payment by White Desert Ltd of a “Carbon Tax” for offsetting emissions created by all logistics associated with Antarctic travel.

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