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Auto Union Type C 1/2 Scale Pedal Car


Auto Union Type C 1/2 Scale Pedal Car

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Good news for vintage car lovers! Trovel has access to an exclusive miniature replica of the Audi Auto Union car from 1936. This a limited edition piece has been safely kept by a collector and is in perfect condition; as if untouched. If you are interested, you can contact us at +34 628 625 399 or via email at 

Pass your passion for driving onto to the youngest ones in  the family with this Audi Auto Union Type replica from 1936. They'll discover the speed and feeling of control that comes with being behind the steering wheel.

This authentic artwork contains 900 handmade parts made out of an Audi aluminium coachwork. It has 7 gears with a brake pedal and a hydraulic double-disc braking system.

This eye-catching design model is built on a stable aluminium tubular space frame. The aluminium body panel has been produced exclusively byAudi Toolmaking. This 1:2 scale Auto Union Type C is a real treat for junior racers (up to 125 cm tall).

Other special features of this unusually elaborate pedal car include the removable oak dashboard and a steering wheel with a quick-lock system that makes getting in and out easier.

The Auto Union Type C 1/2 Scale Pedal Car is a limited edition that counts on 999 units. 

This car has never been used and is still in the original box. There are only two units in the world that are in these immaculate conditions.    

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Auto Union Type C 1/2 Scale Pedal Car
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