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Blue Deer Sea Lodge

Feel the intensity of the sea as a home


Blue Deer Sea Lodge

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The sails unfold into the light blue Summer sky as the custom made Sunreef 74 Catamaran heads toward the Aeolian Islands. You savor the freedom of the Mediterranean breeze that wafts through your hair, while the crew prepares your snorkeling material for the morning.

As you approach Sicily’s coast, the views only get better. A picturesque scenery of the beach towns reveals the romanticism of a calm family-like lifestyle. Putting on your snorkeling kit, you notice the local fishermen heading toward the intense blue, as they go farther and farther away from the shore.

Snorkeling into the crystal water, you explore the wonders of the Mediterranean that leave you in awe. The vivid colors of the variety of fish and marine plants reveals the liveliness of the sea as you gently dive through this ecosystem. Back on board, you prepare for some waterskiing with the kids.

The San Lorenzo Sea Lodge navigates as if to head off to an infinite space, almost trying to reach the sun setting as the intense afternoon palette blends in the horizon. Some reading on deck gives you a moment to relax while Chef Adriana prepares her grandmother’s recipes for the evening.

Savoring this experience, the words of the Barberini family, owners of The Blue Deer, come to your mind: this is “not a house at sea, but rather the sea as a home.” A cozy feeling embraces everything around you; from the warm Summer air to the friendly crew lead by Captain Rocco. His entertaining and adventurous stories about his 10 years at sea let your mind wander with amazement and curiosity, almost like when you were a child listening to an adult read a fairytale.

Anchor set, a traditional Italian dinner is served in a candlelight setting on the finest combination of upholstery colors that go from silver-grey to navy and beige. Digging into this delightful meal full of appetizing aroma, you enjoy an unforgettable evening in the company of your most loved ones while feeling the night water gently rocking beneath you.  

A passionate crew

The crew onboard The Blue Deer is at your service with all of their heart and soul. The Captain along with the Chef, Deckhand and Steward, are passionate about the sea and have a huge sense of hospitality.

Captain Rocco Sisto holds an MCA Ocean Master 200t and over a decade of experience navigating through the Mediterranean and Caribbean. He has crossed the Atlantic Ocean seven times in the last few years. His passion for the sea, has lead him to pass his free time practicing aquatic sports as a hobby.

Adriana Regine, your Chef on board, has two passions that have lead her to the San Lorenzo Sea Lodge: travelling and cooking. Her recipes are a result of her inspiration and learning from her grandmother. Her hospitality, adventurous spirit and love for the kitchen will dazzle you.

The sea as a home

The Barbinis, owners of The Blue Deer, have taken care of every detail onboard so that your experience is unique. You will live the sea as a home, rather than a home on the sea. With a wide variety of aquatic sports and in harmony with nature’s surrounding setting, you will be able to feel every unique and powerful sensation the Mediterranean or Caribbean has to offer.

Infinite views to the sea

Throughout this experience, you’ll enjoy spectacular infinite views to the Mediterranean or Caribbean Sea, depending on the time of year chosen to go onboard The Blue Deer. On deck or from your cabin, you will be able to enjoy sunrise or the bright starlight at dusk.

Blue Deer is an exclusive Sunreef 74 catamaran that counts on 2,583 sq ft (240 m2). It has been designed for the most demanding clientèle in search of a spacious and easily maneuverable boat for two people.

Inside it has four cabins that can accommodate up to 10 people distributed into two double rooms and two twin convertibles. Each cabin has its own personal bathroom and separate shower. The whole catamaran is fully air-conditioned. Two of the staterooms have single beds that can be converted to lower beds or bunk beds. This type of staterooms are suitable for families with kids. Every detail has been taken into account and all cabins have 100% Italian linen: pillows, sheets and duvet. Its designs incorporate shades of blue and aquamarine along with noble shades of grey and silver.    

The heart of the vessel is the open 377 sq ft (35 m2) living room with panoramic views to the sea thanks to its wide windows. In the same area, there is a comfortable U-shape sofa made of natural grey fabrics that will allow you to relax. 

To make your stay comfortable there is a crew that includes captain, deckhand and chef. The crew sleeps in the portside hull that has a separate entrance from the cockpit, allowing you to have more privacy when resting in the yacht.

The Blue Deer started to navigate the Mediterranean Sea in June 2015. During the Summer it stays in the Mediterranean area. In particular, its operations area is based in Naples, Sicily, Aeolian Islands, Pontine Islands, Sardinia and Corsica. During the Winter it travels to the exotic Caribbean isles: Virgin Islands and Saint Martin.


Photos and video from San Lorenzo Lodges

Fall/Winter Season: Caribbean

St. Vincent and Las Granadinas: December 2016 - January 2017

Your adventure begins in Laguna Azul de St. Vincent, on the East side of the Young Island Cut. Here, the Blue Deer is moored so that you can navigate along the antilles of the Caribbean Sea. These islands are known for being the most beautiful ones of the Caribbean and are made up of 36 volcanic formations that extend their way up to Grenada. These formations all have white sandy palm beaches.

In St. Vincent you’ll have time to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving through the coral reefs. In St. Lucia you can visit Pitons, the mountains that are the iconic symbol of this little island and that were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2004. On this same island, you can also visit the Diamond Botanical Gardens and explore their amazing waterfalls.

During the seven days navigating through the different isles you’ll visit: Santa Lucía, St. Vincent, Bequia, Mustique, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Canouan, Palm Island, Petit St. Vincent, Carriacou, Sandy Island and Grenada. Get ready to swim amongst turtles in the crystal clear water of Tobago Cays!

The Renaissance Islands: February - March 2017

These minor antilles are formed by two types of volcanic islands: some have mountains while the rest are made of limestone, like St. Martin, St. Barths and Anguilla. Anguilla island is surrounded by turquoise water and coral reefs. St. Martin is a vacation destination thanks to its white sand beaches and hills that offer surprising views of the island. Meanwhile, St. Barths counts on an antique fishing port that is today used for yates and recreational boats. The island is ideal for sea activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. The gastronomic variety of these islands is very interesting as it combines a Creole style with French cuisine. Antigua and Barbuda islands are two of the most well-known destinations due to the variety of fish that surrounds them and their excellent coral reefs. From Statia to Saba islands, you’ll find virgin beaches and amazing mountains. These last islands are part of the Netherlands Antilles.

Bahamas: March - April 2017

The Bahamas archipelago is formed by 700 islands and covers over 100,000m2 of the ocean. This archipelago is an oasis that includes over 2,000 atolls and cays, making it great for aquatic activities. The capital, Nassau, is a city that combines the traditional local culture with the latest tendencies. In the Northern area, you’ll find Paradise Island with 278 hectares of beaches, casinos and nightlife. Blue Deer’s itinerary will allow you to discover the following islands: Providenciales, Little Inagua, Hogsty Reef, Caste Island, Ragged Island, Jumentos Cays, Great Exuma, Nassau, Plana Cays, Acklins Island, Rum Cay and Conception Island.  


Spring/Summer Season: Mediterranean  

June - October 2017

Blue Deer has two established routes in the Mediterranean Sea. The first departures from Naples and navigates through the Eolian Islands and Pontine Islands, by navigating through Ischia and Capraia. This route ends in the city of Gaeta. The second itinerary you can find navigates through Sicily’s, Corsica’s and Sardinia’s islands.

These routes may vary according to climate conditions.

During your stay on the Blue Deer you will be able to do a wide variety of activities, while also saving time to relax and enjoy  the chef's traditional Italian dishes. 

The captain navigates a maximum of six hours a day. However, if you prefer to make more stops to visit some cities of your interest you just need to say so. The kids can also enjoy many types of water activities thanks to their two paddleboards, two man inflatable Sea Kayaks, two Seabobs, waterskis, tube, inflatable lounge, beach games, trawling fishing gear, snorkels and diving equipment for 8 people.

If you need a moment to rest after all the water activities, the lounge area has WiFi, TV  LCD/SAT, DVD and a selection of videos in different languages.  


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The Renaissance Islands (February - March 2017)
10 Guests / 4 Cabins
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The Bahamas (April 2017)
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