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Brown Safe

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Brown Safe

Brown Safe

All your jewelry properly organised

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You will no need to agonize over looking for a misplaced necklace to wear with a new dress or over finding a lost pair of earrings. With the Gem Jewelry Safe you will have the possibility to keep your valuables secure and organized at all times.

With the Gem Jewelry Safe all your favorite pieces can be kept in one convenient spot, keeping all of them accessible at once. 

This safe gives a high-security organization solution for your jewelry.


The Safe

Crafted with fine materials, its smart interior design provides storage and protection for your most cherished valuables. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, sizes and details.  

Necklace Rack in matching hardwood

Conveniently nestled alongside the jewelry safe's bolt housing, this luxurious necklace rack accents the existing hardwood while making an ideal use of this free space.

Door mounted interior mirrors

An elegant mirror can be securely attached to the interior of the jewelry safe's door, conveniently providing you instant feedback while trying on your jewelry collection.

Interior Light

The low profile lights cast a soft illumination throughout the jewelry safe's interior, enhancing the natural beauty of the hardwood drawers and trim while establishing a vibrant luster for the jewels within.

Automatic Watch Winders

All Gem Jewelry Safes can be fitted with watch winders so your mechanical watches can be kept secure and ready to wear at at any time. Orbita® automatic watch winders are known for their quality and reliability.

Programmable Winders

With Orbita Programmable watch winders can be integrated into your jewelry safe. A sophisticated microprocessor controls the watch winder cycles; along with your choice of clockwise, counter-clockwise rotation or automatic reversing. 

Rotorwind Winders

This winder is designed to swing the watch, instead of rotating it, to mimic the natural action of the wrist. At either 10 or 15 minute intervals, Rotorwind modules make one single revolution which triggers a series of oscillations that gently swing the watch back and forth.

Exterior Finish

All Gem Luxury Jewelry Safes undergo a multi-stage paint process for a refined exterior finish. Once the paint is hardened, it is polished with high gloss.

Interior Finish

The jewelry drawers, necklace rack, and interior trim in all Gem Luxury Jewelry Safes are custom-built using a hand-selected stock of hardwoods. You can choose from eight types of hardwood to furnish the interior of your jewelry safe.


The safe offers three lock types and an electronic keypad lock. It is also equipped with an mechanical dial lock and a biometric fingerprint reading lock, so you just simply need to touch and open. It also offers fire protection of up to 1700º for one hour and a half.

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