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Business class from London to New York

Jump over the Atlantic with Concord's spirit

Business class from London to New York

Jump over the Atlantic with Concord's spirit

 The all-business class British Airways Airbus A318 flight

Once upon a time there was a supersonic plane called Concorde. This plane was capable of linking two of the busiest and richest cities in the world in less than three hours and a half so that businessman could fly from London to New York, have a hot dog in the Big Apple and fly back home for tea time.

Since then, many airliners have flown that route, but only British Airways has done it properly, being distinguished amongst others. BA believes that a High-End service can be offered for this route along with a faster and more comfortable way to go through customs, so here we have the result: A flight from the core of the London business area to the John Kennedy Airport in New York with only 32 business class seats.

There is no room for economy travellers on this Airbus A318 aircraft, fitted with a special approach system so that it can land at the London City Airport (no other airline can land with an A318 in this airport without this STOL system).

But not everything is about the 32 flatbed seats of the two British Airways A318 (G-EUNA G-EUNB). It has been thought for those who take more than 2 daily flights, arriving at the airport and departing as quick as possible, thus saving a lot of precious time for business men that are usually in a rush.

Besides the only 15-minute check-in limit (usually around 1 hour), BA has a unique feature regarding the speed of customs for this flight over to the USA. To do so, the airplane stops in Shannon, Ireland, for refuel and customs clearance. This 45-minute stop in Shannon saves JFK's never-ending cues upon arrival so that you can walk away from the airplane and reach the street in just 14 minutes! 

Flight from Shannon to JFK takes only 7 hours and 15 minutes and passengers can enjoy a full lunch on-board plus a “tea-time snack time”. Passenger’s orders are chosen after taking off. 

On the way back from JFK to the London City Airport, there are no stops. However, you have to be at the airport 45 minutes before scheduled departure in order to clear customs despite having a fast track lane at security. Once onboard, you are welcomed with a  traditional champagne glass and menu card, so that you can order your meal right after take off.

As it is a night flight, you can choose to sleep and receive your meal before lying down. Also these two Airbuses offer Wi-Fi on-board, being the only company flying over the Atlantic having this feature. 

After comfortably sleeping over the Atlantic, those who have chosen to have breakfast, instead of continuing to sleep, are woken up one hour before landing. 

For those passengers who are still hungry, in need of a shower or feel like going to the gym, British Airways offers these extra services at the nearby Radisson Blu Hotel. 

This flight is available twice a day except for Sunday, when the flight is only done once. There is no service on Saturdays.

Departures are:

JFK at 19:00 and 21:45

LCY at 9:45 and 16:00

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