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Brown Safe

Brown Safe

Brown safe for man

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A hardworking, elegant and classy man needs to keep his most precious objects safe after putting so much effort into getting them. However, these valuable objects are usually stored in dull and unstylish safes. 

Why not keep them in a stylish safe box? Brown Safe has created a collection specifically designed for men that incorporates high tech and quality materials. 

Brown Safe's external structure has been made with materials used for military equipment to provide the highest degree of security

Great care has also been placed into the interior design of the Brown Safe, making it look like a proper showroom for your most cherished possessions. 

You can choose your Brown Safe from a variety of models and even personalize it to match your taste.

This safe has been built to fulfill the needs of the modern man.

The Safe

Adapted to your lifestyle

It has been furnished with all features for fine living and offers the modern man the convenience of accessing all of his cherished items in one secure spot.

What you car store?

The Brown Safe will allow you to store daily objects like car keys, wallet, and phone; as well as valuable items that aren't accessed daily but always need to be close at hand, like passports, precious metals, family heirlooms, or important documents.

Electronic Keypad Lock & Biometric Fingerprint Reading Lock

The safe is designed with a security lock that you can open with your fingertips. Forget about combinations and keys. With your simple touch, the Brown Safe opens.  

The biometric safe lock components are custom machined from solid aerospace grade aluminum that has exclusively been made for Brown Safe.

Keep your finest watches functioning at all times

The Brown Safe features custom made watch panels housing Orbita watchwinders, so your watches will be ready for use at any time.  Orbita® automatic watch winders are known for their quality and reliability.

Fire Resistance

All contents within the safe are securely protected from fire because it has been built with materials like dense composite, steel armor core and a sheet metal.


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