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Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie, designed to impress at first sight

A private plane that almost looks like a fighter jet

Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie, designed to impress at first sight

A private plane that almost looks like a fighter jet

 The World’s fastest personal aircraft

Mythological Roots

There was a time in Viking mythology when women were powerful and had the freedom to decide. Yes, their choices were considered wise and so they were the ones to choose who would die in a battle. These female warriors called Valkyries were elegant and noble maidens that helped god Odin.

Mythology never thought about the possibility of piloting a Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie but the deities of death would have liked to drive one of these elegant and precise machines.

Meet the Valkyrie  

The Valkyrie is one of the fastest piston aircrafts on the market and is designed to be the safest. Its inspiration comes from the classic fighter jets with clean lines and premium finishes. The Valkyrie impresses with understated elegance.

The exterior comes in a range of custom finishes including dark colors. The flight control feature full pushrod-bellcrank precision mechanisms and the retractable landing gear is machined in solid high-performance alloys.

The interior features premium hand stitched leather seats, customizable platings and trim materials. It comfortably seats five people, including the pilot. It also has the largest one-piece canopy in the world, providing an unrivaled visibility to pilots and passengers alike.

The new Valkyrie can fly at a speed of up to 482 km/h and has a capacity for five adults and their luggage such as golf clubs, skis and suitcases.

Revolution in terms of security

Cobalt promotes the highest standards of safety in the industry. The Valkyrie has a “canard” configuration, with a forewing that acts as an aerodynamic fuse to prevent stalls. An airframe parachute is also provided as an option.


Cobalt manufactures the Valkyrie exclusively in California to ensure exceptional quality standards, fast delivery to early buyers, and modern customer service. The Co50 Valkyrie is priced at US$700,000 and will be available starting 2017.

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Photos from Cobalt Aircraft

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