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Flaris - LAR1


Flaris - LAR1

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The Polish company Flaris has developed the LAR 1, a small personal plane that will quickly take you wherever you want.

It has room for 4 travelers and just needs a short 250 meter runway to land and take off. The Flaris can reach a top speed of 730km/h and has a range of 1500 miles. It has a light-weight composite structure and its ultralight jets are ideal for those who need to travel for business or leisure. The technology used in the LAR 1 is also used in larger aircrafts such as the iconic Airbus A380.

Flaris LAR 1 combines opposing characteristics: you will feel the ease of flying this ultralight plane yet with the performance of jet (speed and range). Only a private license is required.


  • It has a uniquely-shaped semi-elliptical wings with profiles optimized for high speed and lift-to-drag ratio and benign stall.
  • The plane fuselage geometric design provides a low dra coefficient with comfort.
  • The design of the cabin with doors on both sides enables passengers to be seated without having to use external steps and provide space for easy movement in the cabin aircraft.
  • The method of connecting wings to the fuselage is unusual for jets and enables quick assembly of the plane and storage ease.
  • A multi-bolt cabin door locking system (11 bolts) guarantees a firm air-tightness fit at minimum door mass.
  • An innovative cabin structure design reinforced by the airframe.
  • Original structure of the central part of the fuselage, supported by two integral duraluminium forms, which function as the fuel tank.
  • These innovative designs are patented by Metal-Master.

Photos from Flaris

General specifications:

  • Dimensions: length 8,32m, total wingspan 8,68m and height 2,43m
  • Easy detachable wings
  • It does not require a hangar (all you need is a spacious garage)
  • Suitable for transport on trailers
  • Exceptionally short takeoff and landing. Requires a short (250 m) grass airstrip or a small airport
  • Ease of flying, suitable for one-man operation

Friendly aerial revolution:

This ultralight jet is friendly with the environment and minimizes travel expenses. The following features make Flaris LAR 1 be one of the most ecological planes that you can currently find in the market:

  • state-of-the-art pre-impregnated carbon fibers.
  • exceptionally light empty weight of only 700 kg
  • low takeoff mass of 1500 kg starte-of-the-art powerplant
  • exceptional lift-to-drag ratio
  • low fuel consumption

All this features reduce emission of exhaust gas and guarantee low fuel consumption.

Security Measures:

Owing to its unique lift-to-drag ratio, which is equivalent to that of a glider, FLARIS LAR 1 can glide a distance of 18 km without propulsion for every 1 km of height loss. The plane is also equipped with a modern parachute safety system located in the nose area.


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