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Discover a place where remoteness becomes a state of mind

Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn

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Have you ever dreamed of reaching the edge of the World or of discovering a place with indigenous beauty, where remoteness turns into a state of mind?

Opening your room’s 180 degree window to feel the fresh salt-sea air, admire the endless ocean and enjoy the precious silence that prevails in the atmosphere. Welcome to Fogo Island Inn, an eco-sustainable retreat, set on one of the four edges of the Earth.

Located in the Labrador Current along Iceberg Alley, Fogo Island ("fogo" meaning "fire” in Portuguese) is bounded by the rugged shores of the wild North Atlantic Ocean. This is the only place in the World where you can experience seven seasons, a gift from nature to delight your senses.

Warm Summers and snowy Winters are followed by a spectacular ice season and a hopeful Spring that brings whales and icebergs to the island’s shores. The dynamic trap berth season is saddled between Spring and Summer, while early fall offers the World’s best berry picking. Storms arrive with Autumn, the most emotive time of the year.

Fogo Island Inn is the result of a dream: the idea of creating a geotouristic destination that retains the richness of outport Newfoundland traditions along with modern contemporary design. The use of wood as the main constructing material is a clear tribute to the traditional constructions in the area. The goal was to “find new ways with old things”.

The isolation from the mainland, the profound entanglement with the forces of nature and the ferocious North Atlantic create a shelter away from noise and stress. You'll find over 200 km of paths and trails that are waiting for you to explore by foot.

Hike the coastline and spot whales and icebergs in the distance. This area is colloquially referred to as Iceberg Alley due to the numerous icebergs that float along the North Atlantic waters around Greenland and Newfoundland. Between April and June you can usually spot them dotting the coastal waters, a view  worth witnessing once in a lifetime.

Fogo Island Inn’s naturalists, geologists and hosts can guide you through this journey. Discover Fogo Island’s trail map.

Art and culture are not only outdoors. Fogo Island Inn features a contemporary White Cube art gallery, adjacent to the library. In collaboration with Fogo Island Arts, the gallery is open for you to admire the works of selected artists who have spent time here. Fogo Islands Arts is a cultural complex consisting in four smaller buildings around the island. They are used as studios for selected artists that have been invited from all around the World to spend a few months.

This is an authentic World-class travel cultural experience in an unrivalled setting.

Ecological ethic

Fogo Island Inn follows an environmental strategy policy in order to protect the environment. These are their three basic premises:

First of all, when it comes to product requests, proximity is always checked. If a product is not available locally then it is searched for in other communities on the mainland and, in the case of not being found, to other suppliers within the province. When despite this, the requested products are still unavailable, they are then requested to suppliers in Canada and then the rest of the World.

Secondly, the roof rainwater is collected into two cisterns in the basement and subsequently filtered for toilet, laundry and kitchen appliance use.  

Lastly, there is another building that contains wood-fired boilers as well as solar thermal panels to supply hot water for the in-floor radiant heating and the laundry and kitchen equipment.


The island’s subarctic landscape and maritime climate offers fresh seafood from the North Atlantic Sea along with land-grown products like potatoes, turnips and onions. Chef Murray and his culinary team use root cellars to preserve fresh and pickled foods by incorporating traditional salt cod into their recipes. Savoring Fogo Island Inn’s Food is a cultural experience that combines the best of Fogo Island’s custom food with contemporary cuisine. In 2013, Fogo Island's cuisine was awarded by Air Canada as The Best New Restaurant in Canada. 


Wooden boats helped for centuries to fish. However, overfishing and a dramatic decline of cod stocks forced Fogo Islanders to adapt to mid shore fishing for new species in larger boats. In order to perpetuate this important piece of Fogo Island’s history, a foundation was born to preserve a heritage collection of wooden boats. In July there is also a festival called The Great Fogo Island Punt Race Festival that reveals traditional skills.

Architecture & Design

Fogo Island Inn was designed by Todd Saunder, an architect born on the island. He was asked to create a unique geotourism destination retreat for a rich natural setting that holds many traditions. Many local artisans as well as architects and international designers were involved in the construction that took eight years. The priority in the design of the building was to preserve and engage the cultural and intellectual heritage of Fogo Island.


Fogo Island Inn has 29 guest suites decorated with details that reveal the history and culture of this singular place. There are four types of rooms, all suites, with spectacular views with soundproof windows going from the heated wooden floor to the ceiling.

All rooms include premium services such as handmade beds with natural fibres, towel and toilet heater, large showers, WiFi, bathrobe and slippers. In addition, the complex has some exterior hot water jacuzzis in case you want to try the feeling of having a bath with breathtaking views.


Labrador Suites

Fogo Inn has 13 Labrador Suites that can accommodate up to two people and have stunning views of the ocean. These suites are on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. All Labrador Suites have walk-in showers and wood stoves.



Newfoundland Suites

There are nine Newfoundland Suites for up to two people that are located on the 3rd and 4th floors. The 3rd floor allows guests to experience the horizon and the 4th floor gives a deep sense of intimacy with the sky. These suites have a walk-in shower and wood stove.


Fogo Island Suites

Fogo Island Suites are ideal for two to four guests. Among the Fogo Island Suites are two large corner suites that are ideal for two people.  The first one is oriented to the West and offers direct views of Fogo Head and panoramic sunsets. The other suite hovers over the two-storey stilts and offers a perfect perspective of the fishing boats. Family suites can also be configured with a sitting room, a second bedroom or a workspace. All have a bath, walk-in shower and wood stove. Some have an extra washroom. The hotel has six rooms with this category. 


Flat Earth Suite, Room 29

The Flat Earth Suite is the best room of hotel due to its orientation and views. The hotel has only one room of this category that reveals views to the North, East and South. It is a singular space and is suited for up to three guests. This 1,098 sq ft (102m2)  includes a walk-in shower, soak tub, wood stove and extra washroom. Prices for this room are available upon  request.

Photos and video from Fogo Island Inn 

Dining Room

Guests seated in the dining room can watch icebergs sailing over the waves. The dining room’s distinctive chandeliers were conceived by Dutch designer Frank Tjepkema and feature a wildflower motif.

Bar & Lounge

The lounge and bar areas offer cocktails that combine longstanding traditions with new techniques. The bar stocks a variety of beer and an extensive wine collection from the best Canadian wines.

Gathering Spaces

The meeting room is multi-functional and can be used for different types of events like concerts or corporate meetings. Features of the room include an oversized wooden meeting table equipped with a conference telephone, in-ceiling projection screen, a wood-burning fireplace, and windows that open onto the shoreline.

Cinema and Library

This 37-seat cinema was designed by Nick Herder. It was initially inspired by classic Art Deco-style movie houses but adapted to fit within the contemporary design of the Inn. The cinema is also used a lecture theatre. The library has an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction works about the history and culture of Newfoundland and Canada.


The art gallery offers works of selected artists who have spent time on Fogo Island through Fogo Island Arts. The goal of the public gallery is to provide diverse audiences , local and global, with opportunities to engage with contemporary artworks.

Sauna & Hot Tubs

The Inn offers stunning views to the North Atlantic from the roof deck while taking a dip in the hot tub.  The south-facing saunas receive direct sunlight into the cabinet with inland view of the rocks.


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