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Minimalist Sound

The modern gramophone with a unique sound

Minimalist Sound

The modern gramophone with a unique sound

 Caruso, the contemporary gramophone for the most nostalgic

This year you have been chosen to organize a theme party set in the 1920s. You’ve got everything, the Spotify playlist with the music, your tuxedo, your top hat, the champagne and the cocktails...You’ve even bought an Art Deco glassware for this special occasion!

The guests are coming to enter into the tunnel of time that will bring them to the back to the early 20th century. All the attrezzo is so well-appointed that your friends have the impression to have crashed a high society meeting where, in the background, there’s jazz music from Duke Ellington.

All guests have arrived and it’s high time to live the party. You take off your cell and you change to the following track. All of sudden, Charleston music can be heard. The attendees, dance and laugh in a relaxed way, to the rhythm of the tunes of an audio system that, for many of them is a unique museum piece: the legendary gramophone. His elegant design, made in oak lacquered wood from the XVIII century, and his ceramic plated pure 24k gold horn, will leave your friends jaw-dropping. You’ve just recreated the vintage style from the aristocratic houses of the 20s!  

The most curious party attendees, will wonder how you have got a music device that dates back from the end of the First World War but with such a modern, and at the same refined style. In the midst of a digital revolution, the most sceptical ones will question Caruso’s features, the contemporary gramophone. You mention them that even imitating the old device, it features a cutting-edge technology: a sophisticated audio system with BluetoothTM 4.0, a ceramic horn ensuring the quality of the sound, a Class D amplifier 50 W x 2 and a dedicated App that simplifies the connexion between Caruso and your smartphone. You change again the track with your mobile. Now is time for a Blues. You’ve blewn them away!

The party goes on until early in the morning. Without any doubt, tonight’s triumphant couple has been you and your gramophone. This year you’ve made it, you are the best theme parties’ organizer among your group of friends. For the next year, your competitors will have to face a very difficult challenge. Will be anyone of them capable to unseat you?

If you also want to live again the aristocratic glamour of the 20s, you can get Caruso from Newblack firm for a price of 3.599€ including tax, VAT and shipping. Also,  the most trendsetters can customize it choosing from a range of six different colors (White, Red, Anthracite, Pink, Yellow,  Anthracite and Pure Gold) and two natural woods (oak and walnut tree).

Foto from New Black


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