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Wind blowing, you're about to test your limit as you stand on the board at 56 km/h. Yet no waves are coming your way. How are you then surfing? The answer: Jetsurf.  

Jetsurf is a surf board that needs no waves thanks to its own propulsion engine.

Manufactured by Moto GP, Jetsurf's speed can be adjusted through an accelerator that is conveniently controlled by your hand, avoiding the need to paddle and helping you save your energy so that you can deal with incoming waves.

There are 3 different models available: Beginner with a maximum speed of 48km/h, Sport Ultra for advanced users reaching a maximum speed of 52km/h and GP 100 ruling at a speed of 56km/h.

The Beginner board can reaches 86cc/8000 rpm and its fuel consumption is maximum 2L/hour. This board weighs 15 kilos.

The Sport Ultra also weighs 15kg and can reach 100cc/8000 rpm. The surfing time without needing battery recharge is approximately 4 hours.

The GP model weighs 14 kg and reaches 100cc. Its maximum level of fuel consumption is 2L/hour. This model is suitable for advanced riders.

All Jetsurf models are equipped with an automatic electronic control unit with an auto start/stop function.

You don't need a specific permit to enjoy riding a Jetsurf, which makes it easily accessible water sports fan.

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