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An electric yacht designed for quiet cruising


An electric yacht designed for quiet cruising

 An electric motorboat that allows you to cruise in peaceful silence while still reaching your destination sooner

I want a yacht that is easy to drive and sophisticated at the same time. I want a yacht that I am able to sail without having a license. I want an eco-friendly yacht. I want a yacht that lets me sail where there is no sea. Some call me a dreamer, others know that what I want exists and it's called a Joyboat

Joyboat is a product by Sky-Yacht and is a small electric yacht that provides amazing comfort and a stylish design. This boat is easy to handle while being  eco-friendly.  

Joyboat has been built in light materials, providing greater autonomy for its two ultra-quiet electric engines.

Besides its edgy design, what differs Joyboat from any other is its steering system: a simple joystick that makes it possible for anyone to become a skipper.

For the really demanding ones, there is also a Prestige version of Joyboat, that boasts some additions like a touch screen that provides any relevant information to the skipper. 

Joyboat is fully furnished with upholstered mattresses with headrests, so you can comfortably enjoy the boat ride. In order to give the driver some rest, the boat is fitted with a cruise control (autopilot system).   

This boat will make the most of your time off whether it be in a lake or at sea. Its swim ladder has been specially designed so that having a quick splash is easy, meanwhile its anti-skid decking is proved to be very effective.

Joyboat is equipped with other additional features: boat trailer, bimini top, yacht cover and a table. You can have a delightful picnic or rest onboard while enjoying the views. The lack of noisy combustion engines enable passengers to sail in silence. 

Purchase this product by clicking here.

Photos from Sky-Yacht Creative Design

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