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Clear Kayak Molokini for Two

Clear Blue Hawaii

Clear Kayak Molokini for Two

Move seamlessly over the crystalline waters

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Imagine the fish swimming below your feet… literally.

Molokini is name of an extinguished volcano in the coast of Maui, Hawaii, and of the most wonderful reefs in the earth.  

Its clear waters did deserve a boat where you are able to enjoy its marine seabeds… and what is better than a see-through kayak?

The material used is a high resistance polymer, the same that is used for the aircraft combat cockpits. It allows weights over 190 kilos and it has been designed for two people.

The adjustable seats allow the canoeist organize their space in order to place the legs in a comfortable way. Its transparency is so high that you will be able to contemplate the bottom to a depth of 25 metres.

Clear Kayak Molokini for two has an elegant transparent hull that makes it very attractive and due to the fact it doesn’t have any accessories it suitable for both men and women. Its aluminum internal frame is timeless, with no accessories and it creates a sportive and modern effect. The sportive seats have been designed for comfort, so you can enjoy a pleasant trip, but with style.   

Some of its most highlighted advantages of the Molokini model are the impact resistancy against rocky shorelines, 6 meters drops and the visibility. Prepare yourself to encounter dolphins, coral farms and wide varieties of sea life. The exploration of new worlds is waiting for you. Discover them today!


  • Length: 11’ 1’’
  • Width: 33.5’’
  • Depth: 11’’
  • Weight Capacity: 2 passengers, 425 lbs.
  • Overall Weight: 40 lbs.  
  • Hull: Polycarbonate
  • Skeg System - For improved tracking capabilities   
  • Dual Ergonomic Seats    
  • Dual Paddles    
  • Dual Floatation Devices   
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

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