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The jacket for your extreme adventures

This is what we call a survival kit

The jacket for your extreme adventures

This is what we call a survival kit

 Extreme Winter sports also deserve a High-End jacket

The human being is adventurous by nature. Mankind has challenged all sorts of weather conditions to reach the most remote places on the planet. Among the most ambitious scientific expeditions of humanity, we find the conquest of the frozen continent: The Antarctic. It was in 1901 when its foreparents, Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott, embarked on this Discovery Expedition. They never would have imagined that they would suffer so intensely the tough cold polar conditions. These explorers lived extreme situations but, despite all the calamities they found on the way, they returned victoriously to England.

When you read about last century’s explorers, you probably feel the need for adventure blooming inside you. You want to live an unforgettable experience - Yet, nature intimidates you. If you still believe that this trip is only for scientists, you're wrong. The Korean brand Kolon Sport is specialized in Winter sports and mountain clothing. Kolon Sport  has the passport for you to live this adventure without suffering the inclemencies of the weather with their latest Life Tech Jacket.

The company who has provided Kolon Sport's jacket with its extreme-cold-conditions-proofness is SeymourpowellThis company, that is originally from the United Kingdom, has been providing technologic innovations for over 30 years to businesses through consulting.

Life Tech Jacket, is a lifesaver in case of emergency situations thanks to its tri-layered system of thermal protection: the first one is waterproof, the second one is windproof and the last one is breathable thanks to a Gore PRO® fabric. It also has an inner layer with Heatex System (the world’s first conductive polymer that transmits heat), allowing you to enjoy up to 3 hours at 50ºC, 4 hours up to 45ºC or 6 hours at 40ºC. You can regulate the intensity of the heat with a remote. The polymer can be charged with a battery stowage.

Another advantage of its design is a small turbine generator to power smartphones and GPS while in route. During the night, you may connect it to your tent to continue generating electricity. The disposal on the straps allows you to hang a first aid kit.

If our ancestors who explored the Antarctic had had this jacket, they would have certainly spent the two years isolated on board the Endurance in a very different way. If you are willing to reach the edge of the world or you are an extreme Winter sports lover, this is the jacket you need. It has been conceived for mountaineers, ski guides, Special Forces and scientists. 

Without doubt this is your best life insurance on the market! You can try it out during the Driving Expedition in Antarctica in 6x6. Life Tech Jacket is limited edition, so get one before it sells out! 

You can order the product through this link.  

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