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Lotus C-01

A technological and design marvel

Lotus C-01

A technological and design marvel

 Drive a tornado of beauty and technology designed by Daniel Simon, one of Lamborghini and Bugatti's genius designers

Beauty and technology have come together in a futuristic motorcycling piece of artwork. Now, we put it in your hands. It's pure adrenaline, it's the Lotus C-01.

The Lotus C-01 is simply a technological and design marvel that has been conceived by car designer Daniel Simon, one of Lamborghini and Bugatti's genius designers. Not only is its design close to perfection, but it is also carefully handmade by the German company Kodewa.

According to the owner of Kodewa, their goal was to create a work of art in motion and, without any doubt, they have  by far exceeded these expectations.

This spectacular design looks way ahead of its time with its curved chassis lines, driving positions and choice of materials, like steel, carbon fibre and titanium.

The KTM V-Twin engine makes this Lotus C-01 an authentic tornado making way on the pavement.

You can completely personalize this model when it comes to its design features and color.

The price of enjoying 1 of these 100 exclusive models is 100.000€. 

Pictures from Lotus-motorcycles

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