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It’s early morning and you step onto the terrace of your water bungalow at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa. It’s so comforting to feel the heat of the first sun rays on your skin. Excitement runs through your veins the moment you realize that today you’ll catch the waves of your life.

Take a flight, with the resort’s expert guides, to find your ultimate surfing destination: the Indian Ocean. Savor the freedom and feel on top of the World while chasing the swell in the heart of this Maldivian surf wilderness.

Back at the resort, watch the sun melt into the sea while enjoying a well deserved cocktail at the sunset bar. Your heart-beat is finally getting back to its usual pace. What a memorable day!

Kuda Huraa is Four Seasons’ latest foray in the Maldives.

Enclosed by coral reefs that brim with the most amazing marine wildlife, yet within easy reach of Malé, the Maldives capital and international gateway, Kuda Huraa’s plush pavilions have been designed like traditional local islander villages. These blend perfectly with the tropical scenery. In this setting of relaxed luxury surrounded by Four Seasons' fashion, nothing is out of place.

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa has been devised to make the most out of the overwhelming natural wonders that surround it, whether feeding sea turtles at the resort’s nature conservation center, swimming with dolphins in a nearby reef or surfing the waves in the neighboring deserted islands, here you will be able to enjoy a holiday in sync with nature.

Convenient Location

Kuda Huraa’s coralline island is located less than 30 minutes away by speedboat from Male International Airport so that you do not waste a single minute when it comes to transportation. This location, however, remains a pristinely preserved Indian Ocean paradise.

Staying at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa offers not only the possibility of disconnecting from the outside World, but an opportunity to engage in all sorts of memorable experiences in full contact with the island’s privileged natural environment.

Become a “Reefscaper”

Nature is not just atrezzo at Kuda Huraa, but an integral part of the unique experience the resort offers.

Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa has its own Marine Discovery Center, an educational and research establishment that is run by marine biologists and aims to preserve the delicate Maldivian marine environment.

The center’s activities are open to all guests so that they can get involved in the efforts to preserve one of the Earth’s most amazing marine environments, while also learning. 

After being briefed on the particularities, richesses and challenges that the Indian Ocean marine ecosystems face at the center’s 3D movie theater, guests are ready to become "reefs capers." This means you will participate in the efforts of regenerating and rebuilding the archipelago’s coral reefs. This program is sponsored by Four Seasons to preserve the Indian Ocean’s dwindling coral reefs, currently at risk due to global warming.

You will accompany the researchers into the lagoon and lend a hand in transplanting coral fragments. You will also be able to adopt a specific reef.  Once back home, you will be able to observe how your adopted coral reef grows through the center's website.  

Feed the Turtles

Four Seasons also runs the Maldivian Sea Turtle Conservation Program that works with local communities in order to raise awareness of the need to protect turtles and their nests.

The Maldives is home to five of the seven species of sea turtles in the World. Two of them, the endangered green turtle, that lives on seagrass, and the hawksbill turtle, an inhabitant of coral reefs, live very near Four Seasons Kuda Huraa.

The resort takes active part in the conservation of green turtles. Turtle hatchlings are reared in special areas within the resort’s grounds for up to 15 months, first on land pools, later in protected enclosures within the lagoon. By doing so, the turtles’ chances of survival are much higher. Later, they are released into the wild.

Visiting the turtles’  nursery is a memorable experience where guests can feed turtles from their own hands. 

Swim with dolphins... and sharks!

A visit to the turtle nursery is but a little part of what Four Seasons Kuda Huraa has in store for those willing to explore the marvels of Maldivian marine biodiversity. The resorts’ marine biologists are ready to guide you on snorkeling safaris into the nearby waters.

Following an educational briefing about the different types of wildlife found in the archipelago, you will have the chance to explore the reefs that make the outer edges of the different atolls, a World of its own, crammed with all sorts of marine animals.

A dolphin safari is available so that you can visit the spots where these amazing sea mammals abound. You will be able to enjoy the incomparable experience of seeing them swim just centimeters away from you.

Perhaps an even more thrilling experience, that isn't for the faint hearted, is the shark spotting excursion to the nearby island of Bandos, where reef sharks are easily spotted. There's no reason to be scared! You will be accompanied by expert guides and marine biologists that will explain how, far from being dangerous, these creatures are one of the most vulnerable species to prowl these seas.

Scuba Diving

If Kuda Huraa’s snorkeling safaris are an endless source of memorable experiences, just imagine what views you can enjoy when scuba diving!

Whether you are an experienced diver or you wish to initiate yourself in the incomparable setting of the Maldives, the resorts' PADI Five-Star IDC Centre offers a two-tank morning dive and a one-tank afternoon dive, as well as sunrise, night and other specialty dives, available upon request.

Seaplane Surfing Safari

Four Seasons’ Kuda Huraa’s signature experience, a truly unique treat that will make you feel like you're on top of the World, is the Seaplane Surfing Safari.

Scour the Indian Ocean’s myriad of islands and atolls on board the resort’s own seaplane, looking for the best waves in the company of expert Tropicsurf instructors. Descend on an island wilderness, surf to exhaustion, paddle back to the plane and fly onto the next one... The sea is all yours to enjoy!

Catamaran Cruise

Feel like a sea-borne explorer by boarding Four Seasons Kuda Huraa three-deck catamaran. This comfortable 11-cabin catamaran will take you on a 3, 4 or 7-night island-hopping sailing experience to other Four Seasons Maldivian resorts, Landaa Giraavaru and back. If you prefer, you can choose a private charter itinerary of your choice, stopping to swim or snorkel at some of the Maldives’ off-the-beaten track unspoiled spots.

Spa & Activities

Located in its own island within the resort, Four Seasons Kuda Huraa’s Spa has seven pavilions, built in a tropical thatched-roof style, all of them open to the ocean breeze and with fabulous views of an endless sea. Lush tropical gardens cover this oasis of peace and tranquility where traditional and exotic treatments are offered, along with Indian, Thai and Indonesian rituals.

A line of open-air night treatments inspired by the different phases of the moon and thought to sync your body to nature’s rhythms. These rituals represent a truly original and unique approach to wellness. They were even granted the title of Spa Treatment of the Year at the Asia Spa Awards 2014.

Family Friendly

As it could not be otherwise, Four Seasons Kuda Huraa is an extremely family friendly resort. Here children aged 4 to 12, count with their own dedicated area, the Kuda Mas ("small fish") Club, to keep them entertained with a massive range of games and activities in the care of qualified mentors and staff.


Being a Four Seasons resort, dining of course goes beyond your expectations. In fact, guests have a diverse range of top-notch options, representing typical cuisine from different continents.

For example, the elegant Baraabaru restaurant is inspired by Kerala's architecture and boasts a beautiful torch-lit deck over the sea. Baraabaru offers the finest cuisine from India, accompanied by a wine list strong in light wines and champagnes, that are ideal for a tropical setting.

The Reef Club takes you on a culinary trip all the way to Italy, with fresh seafoods, pizzas and grilled meats, while its free-standing bar is a particular favorite to enjoy evening drinks.

Pool-side Café Huraa offers a typical tropical setting, where you can try a mix of Western and Asian specialities, that go from traditional curries and wok-prepared noodles to fresh seafood, all complemented by a tasteful selection of wines.

For simple, yet delicious grilled fish, lobster and meats, head to Kandu Grill. Here’s where the resort’s “dhoni”, the traditional Maldivian fishing boat, unloads its catch! You can even join the crew on their daily expedition, another memorable experience with a delicious ending!

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa offers a choice of Water Suites, Water Bungalows with pool and Sunset Beach Bungalows with pool.

All accommodations have a king size bed, full bathroom with free toilet amenities, exterior shower, HD TV and room service twice a day.

What you will love:

  • Four Seasons guarantee
  • Immerse yourself in nature
  • Water activities


Sunset Two Bedroom Water Suite

The Sunset Two Bedroom Water Suite counts on 173 m2 with a king size bed and two twin beds. This cottage located on top of the lagoon has two full bathrooms with toilet amenities, exterior shower, a large terrace with views of the ocean and the lagoon, satellite TV, free WiFi and free room service twice a day.


Sunrise Water Bungalow with pool

These bungalows count on 61 m2 and are located on top of the lagoon. They have a king size bed, full bathroom with toilet amenities, exterior shower, TV, free WiFi and a large terrace with an infinity pool with ocean views. The teak floors and the rattan and oak furniture will give you a feeling of pure relaxation.


Sunset Beach Bungalow with pool

Located a few feet away from the beach, this 63 m2 bungalow has a king size bed, full bathroom with free toilet amenities, exterior shower, high standard TV and exit to the terrace with private pool next to the beach. Besides it also counts on room service twice a day.

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