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The Masquerade Ball Barcelona 2017 - SOLD OUT



The Masquerade Ball Barcelona 2017 - SOLD OUT

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The Círculo del Liceo proudly presents the 2017 edition of The Masquerade Ball. Now in its third year, Trovel once again is the Co-producer of this exclusive event at the Liceu Opera House in Barcelona.

Friday, February 17th, is the most anticipated date of the year for our clients, our members and for the Trovel Team.

Since its inception, The Masquerade Ball sought to use #shakebarcelona as the premise for bringing together Trovelers in the majestic salons of the Liceu Opera House in Barcelona. Guests arrive dressed in elegantly appointed attire, donning their lavish masks, from cities around the globe.

Inspired by the writings that adorn the magnificent Hall of Mirrors, we at Trovel present an equally elevated affair. Guests dance the night away incited by the meticulously chosen musical selection. The state of the art lighting and sound fuels the mood, accentuating the spirit of the party, thereby making this “by invitation only” Masquerade Ball one of the most sought-after events in the world.

"Art has no fatherland"

"Music is the language of the sensitive soul, as words are the language of the intellectual soul"

"Simplicity and truth are the principles of beauty in all expressions of art"

The Masquerade Ball originated in 1848 at the Liceu Opera House and lasted until a few years before the First World War. The Ball resumed in the nineteen twenties and gained popularity in the nineteen eighties. The last classic masquerade celebrated was during Carnaval in 2003.

The Círculo del Liceo, founded in 1847, agreed to bring back the mythical ball but with modern day flair. Gone are the traditional masquerade balls from an age-old era, the likes found at Fenice Opera House in Venice. The masquerade balls of today boast highly acclaimed deejays and guests instantly upload and share their pictures to social media. The always avant-gard Barcelona was not to be left behind, thus hiring Trovel to oversee the production of this event.

The formal attire, although some may think extravagant in this contemporary age, remains the same. Ladies are required to wear gala attire while gentlemen are obliged to don tuxedos. The mask, of course, is a must, especially for the omnipresent photo opportunities.

The Masquerade Ball 2016


The Masquerade Ball 2015

El Palauet Living Barcelona

El Palauet is a five-storey aristocratic mansion, built in the Modernista style, in 1906.  This palauet (small palace in Catalan) is centrally located on Barcelona’s most elegant shopping avenue: Passeig de Gracia. The hotel is conveniently just a few minutes from some of the city’s most iconic architectural masterpieces including as Gaudí’s Casa Milà (also known as La Pedrera) and Casa Batlló. El Palauet’s perfectly preserved Modernisme facade and interiors transport you to a bygone era of glamour and elegance, while the tasteful and stylish renovation of the property has provided it with all the comforts of a contemporary, luxury boutique hotel.

Principal Passeig de Gracia Suite

This 1,615 sq ft. (150m2) suite has a living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen and two separate bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Its two impressive balconies offer unbeatable views of the tree-lined Paseo de Gràcia. One of the balconies runs from the master bedroom to the living room providing the perfect space to relax under the Barcelona sun. The opulent ceiling in the living room is an stunning example of the craftsmanship of the Modernisme period. Floral designs weave their way across the ceiling of the living room and into the bedrooms.

The entire suite has been carefully decorated with contemporary furniture designed by Paola Lenti and Ron Arad among others. The room features advanced Lutron technology allowing you to control the lighting and sound systems, temperature and Smart TV from an iPad mini or touchscreen control panel.

Services and amenities:

  • Hotel robe and slippers
  • Hairdryer
  • Japanese toilet
  • Personal assistant 24/7  
  • Safe  
  • Private Chef (on request)

Mezzanine Passeig de Gracia Suite

The Mezzanine Paseo de Gracia is 1,615 sq. ft. (150 m2) and offers impressive views to Paseo de Gracia, the most elegant street in Barcelona, from its two balconies.

This suite has two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms separated by a living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a hall. Ornate plaster mould ceilings are just one of the delights of this suite that showcase the high relief flower designs. The contemporary décor is from Arne Jacobsen, Knoll International, Antonio Citterio and Verner Panton.  

During your stay you’ll have a personal assistant 24/7. This intelligent suite can be controlled at your fingertips and includes mini iPad, adjustable lights, Smart tv, Bluetooth sound system and temperature.

Services and amenities:

  • Hotel robe and slippers
  • Hairdryer
  • Japanese toilet
  • Personal assistant 24/7  
  • Safe  
  • Private Chef (on request)


Margot House Hotel

The Margot House hotel is located in the heart of Barcelona at Paseo de Gracia 46, opposite one of the most beautiful facades in Catalan Modernism, Casa Batlló.

Margot House is a boutique hotel that offers a relaxed environment in the city center. The hotel with only 9 rooms is perfect to unwind with the utmost in privacy. Four of his nine bedrooms offer views of the two most iconic buildings of the city Casa Batlló and Casa Amatller. The hotel’s distinct hallmark is the use of hardwoods in  light shades and the smooth finish of the microcement floors in its modern decor.  Small details such as the lamps designed by Miquel Milà give Margot House its cutting-edge style.

The common areas  include an elegant lounge area, a spacious kitchen/dining room, The Honest bar with a large assortment of drinks and cocktails and a 24-hour cafeteria offering delicious snacks and light fare whenever guests feel hungry.

Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suites have a room size of 344 sq ft. (32 m2) with views of the Paseo de Gracia and Casa Batlló. All of them offer a modern décor, 2mx2m extra-sized bed, Samsung Smart TV, safe, iPad with a complete city guide, air conditioning and heating. The bathroom includes a bathtub and double shower, hairdryer and slippers. Bedding includes Egyptian cotton linens, 100% cashmere blankets and pure cotton towels from Turkey.

Services & Amenities:

  • Neighbourhood guide
  • Turkish Bath Towels
  • Amenities from Aesop
  • Blankets by Teixidors
  • Sheets by Bassols
  • DVD and Blu-Ray Player
  • Bower & Wilkins Speakers
  • Lamps by Santa & Cole

Package 1 - What’s included in the price?

  • 2 nights at El Palauet Living Barcelona (From 17th to 19th February)
  • Overnight guest accommodations in the Principal Passeig de Gràcia Suite  
  • Daily breakfast for 4   
  • 4 tickets for The Masquerade Ball on February 17th, 2017

Package 2 -  What’s included in the price?

  • 2 nights at El Palauet Living Barcelona (From 17th to 19th February)
  • Overnight guest accommodations in the Mezzanine Passeig de Gràcia Suite
  • Daily breakfast for 2
  • 2 tickets for The Masquerade Ball on February 17th, 2017

Package 3 - What’s included in the price?

  • 2 nights at Margot House (From 17th to 19th February)
  • Overnight guest accommodations in the Deluxe Suite
  • Daily breakfast for 2
  • 2 tickets for The Masquerade Ball on February 17th, 2017

Package 4 - What’s included in the price?

  • 2 nights at Margot House (From 17th to 19th February)
  • Overnight guest accommodations in the Deluxe Suite
  • Daily breakfast for 1
  • 1 ticket for The Masquerade Ball on February 17th, 2017

Wine Tour Experience available to all packages (On request) for 18th February

  • Fork Breakfast at Hotel-Hostal Sport de Falset
  • Calçotada at Hotel-Hostal Sport de Falset
  • Visit to the Carthusian Monastery of Santa Maria d’Escaladei
  • Guided private tour of  Celler Escala Dei
  • Transfer from Barcelona to Falset & Escala Dei by helicopter or Mercedes Viano van

Wine Tour Experience

At The Masquerade Ball you will savor the superb Priorat wines. If you would like to find out more about the wines of this region, Trovel has designed a unique one-day enotourism experience in the Catalan countryside that combines wine, gastronomy and culture.

The Priorat county is a dry and rocky area with volcanic origins and a rugged terrain. The terrain comprises reddish and black slate with small particles of mica that make  it one of the most difficult soils in the world for harvest. This characteristic along with a unique microclimate with more than 4.000 hours of light a year give Priorat wines their outstanding attributes. The outcome is a limited production of rustic wines in body, color, and level of alcohol.

The pioneers in harvesting these lands were the medieval monks of the XII century. However, international recognition didn’t come until two friends, René Barbier and Álvaro Palacios, decided to restore the depleted territory in 1979, thus recovering the vineyards fueled by the passion they had for the land. A decision was made to invest in precision crop management rather than volumen farming. In the nineteen eighties they sold 80% of their production between EU and Switzerland.

After 25 years, Priorat has attained international recognition. At present, three million bottles are sold each year. Priorat has become a recognized name in the wine industry.  Currently it is one of two wine regions in Spain to have earned the prestigious Denominacio d’Origen Qualificada (DOQ), the highest qualification of a wine region.

In addition, we propose some activities centered around Priorat wine allowing you to experience first hand the richness of its history.

Transfers from Barcelona to the Priorat area are made by helicopter or Mercedes Viano van with two stops, one in Falset and the other in Scala Dei. The approximate duration of the transfer by helicopter is 45 minutes or 1 hour 30 minutes by private van (On request).

Fork breakfasts at Hostal Sport Falset

Start your day with a delicious catalan breakfast for every taste and for the most discerning palates. At the Hotel Sport bar you’ll find the traditional fork breakfasts,  a popular dish of the traditional catalan cuisine that you can enjoy with a glass of wine from Priorat.

The fork breakfasts are credited to this bar since their opening in 1923. At that time the “truita amb suc” (omelette) and mondongo were the most popular breakfasts. Today, the menu has expanded to include other traditional full-flavored Catalan dishes made with locally grown and produced products.

In the menu you can find the following dishes:

  • Coastal Herring with roasted vegetables
  • Coastal Herring with beans, tomatoes and sauteed garlic
  • Sausage with beans
  • Priorat sausage with garlic, tomatoes and black olives
  • Fried eggs with ham
  • Fried cod with tomato, garlic and white beans
  • Fried Sausage with beans, tomatoes and garlic
  • Allioli with meat and garnish (fries baked or roasted)
  • Toasted country bread or bread coca accompanied with cured pork sausage from Priorat, white sausage, ham or omelette
  • Tripe with cod entrails and white beans
  • Catalan pork feet
  • Chickpea stew with cod
  • Mountain Snails


Calçots are a seasonal vegetable similar to leeks or spring onions grown in the area surrounding Barcelona and Tarragona. They are normally available from January until April and the best way to enjoy them is cooked on a barbecue accompanied by Romesco sauce, a local wine and a group of friends.

The Hotel-Hostal Sport de Falset organizes calçotadas for couples and groups of friends. At the main dining room of the Hotel-Hostal Sport restaurant, a calçotada menu is offered including battered calçots with a mushroom mayonnaise, roasted eggplant and bell peppers with olive oil, barbequed meat from Falset Cal Llorenç’s butcher shop and a homemade crème caramel. Every dish paired with an exquisite white and  red wine from Falset-Marçà winery. These traditional products are cooked and served with a dose of creativity. Local seasonally grown products from the Priorat region, blended with the best wines from a unique landscape, have created this landscape which aims to be part of the World National Heritage list of UNESCO.

Visit to Cartoixa d’Escaladei (Carthusian Monastery of Santa Maria d’Escaladei)

The french monks from Provence arrived in the XII century to the Montsant mountain range to establish a monastery called Escaladei “The ladder to God”, thus establishing the first charter-house on the Iberian Peninsula in the year 1194. Its unbeatable location, at the foothills of the Montsant, allows for an incomparable  landscape.

Cartoixa monks lived in enclosed order because the order’s life was based in living like a hermit in community. The monks were the first ones who planted vineyards on the steep slate-based slopes of the region, that’s why Priorat is a wine territory. In addition, the monks from Cartoixa elaborate their own liquor “The Chartreuse” using a secret formula that combines more than 130 different herbs. Nowadays the  Chartreuse is produced exclusively in France in the Voiron factory.

Scala Dei was a fully working monastery until 1835, experiencing moments of great riches and splendour. Nowadays this historical site is open to the public and visitors are guided around its three cloisters, church and refectory whilst learning the purpose of each building.

Visit to Celler Scala Dei (Escala Dei)

Celler Scala Dei is strongly linked to the wine history of the area. The Cellar was founded by the same families that bought the “Cartoixa” in 1840, depicting the history of Priorat.  We strongly encourage a visit through the Cellar and its vineyards that extends from the Cellar to the bottom of Montsant. In total, it makes up approximately 148 acres of Garnacha and Cariñena distributed throughout 42 different states. From this Cellar, the first wine bottles were produced in Priorato in 1878 for the Paris Universal Exposition. Today, the wines produced are still maturing in the original barrels from Cartoixa from the XVII century.  

The tour last two hours and grants you access to the manufacturing process of the wine. The visit starts at the Creueta grapevines where you can see the harsh conditions in which Priorat vines live. It is then followed by a visit to the XVII century wine cellar. Afterwards, indulge in a wine tasting session including wines from 2006, 2007 and 2009. Through wine tasting you’ll get to know the renowned catalan wines from this area like D.O Monstsant and D.O.Ca Priorat.  



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