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Necker Cup 2017

Your chance to perfect your backhand with real tennis professionals


Necker Cup 2017

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The spectators cheer with excitement, filling the tennis court with festive joy and sportive tension, as your favorite players and friends compete in a paradise setting. You spot Sir Richard Branson applauding and encouraging the celebration from his chair, with the same excitement as any other fan.

After a morning full of sporty fun under the tropical sun, you decide to spend the afternoon sailing, where the marine breeze refreshes you and gives you a little bit of intimacy. Once out into the crystal Caribbean sea, you can finally snorkel to enjoy the colorful marine biodiversity.

Back on the magnate’s private island, Necker Island, you get ready for tonight’s “End of the World” party, where you will dine with new friends, famous tennis players and the very Sir Branson himself. The dinner, charity-donation auction and party go by in a flash with the entertainment that Branson’s unique personality brings and the live music by Sean Paul.  

Once back in your room at The Great House, you take a relaxing bath in your jacuzzi so you can go over the last days on Necker Island in such good company. It’s as if you had found the perfect getaway: the tropical views, the magnate’s hospitality, tennis with the best athletes in world and charity-donating entertainment.

The 5th Edition of the most exclusive tennis tournament

The Necker Cup is an exclusive event where professionals and amateurs compete and is organized by Premier Tennis. This year 2016 it will take place from the 27th of November to the 2nd of December 2017. The 6th edition of this exclusive tennis camp is addressed to tennis amateurs that are looking to improve their techniques on behalf of the most recognized world trainers. Each amateur will have the opportunity to compete and learn from the best tennis players. At the final a duel in couples between amateurs and professionals will be held.  

Meet Sir Richard Branson personally

This event hosted by Sir Richard Branson gives 16 amateurs the possibility to meet the magnate personally. During the charity dinner party and auction “End of the World”, Sir Branson has a remarkable role. In previous years, Sir Branson, in a humorous tone, dressed has dressed up like famous tennis players, like Maria Sharapova, to give the event a more lighthearted mood.    

Accommodation on the magnate’s private island  

The tournament takes places on Necker Island, Sir Branson’s private isle, that is one of the British Virgin Islands within the Caribbean. Sir Branson, purchased this island in 1979 and it’s his favorite retreat where he spends 3 months a year. Besides the tennis tournament, you will have the chance to practice other outdoor sports like sailing, snorkeling, diving or beach tennis.

 Charity fund-raising

This tennis competition has a solidary side to it. On the last day of your stay, a gala dinner and auction is held for charity fund-raising. During the evening, the guests and participants can bid for one of the trips, private tennis classes or famous player’s rackets. The collected amount is destined to the National Tennis Foundation and various non-profit organizations that belong to the ATP / WTA. Thanks to the last four editions of this event, $3 millions have been donated to social charities.   

This event that will take place from the 27th of November to 2nd December 2017 on Necker Island, is a unique paradise in the Caribbean. Necker Island, with an area of 30 hectares, is just a 25-minute flight away from Beef island (Virgin Tortola international airport).

All participants will be accommodated on Necker Island. During the stay, two types of accommodation are offered: the Bali Houses and Sir Richard’s Great House. On the isle there are nine rooms that are in the Great House. There are also six Bali Houses. In total 30 adults can stay on the island during the celebration of the tournament.  

What you will love:

  • A tournament paired up with ATP/WTA Tennis Professionals 
  • Accommodation in Sir Branson’s home and private island   
  • Its charity character


The Great House

This spacious Balinese style villa offers astonishing views to the Caribbean, Atlantic and the surrounding isles. Each of the six rooms in the Great House has a  balcony, king-size bed and ensuite bathroom. On the upper floor, there is a Master Suite with a private Jacuzzi and outdoor bathroom. All rooms have air conditioning.

The Bali Houses

The six private houses known as Bali Houses can each accommodate two people. The rooms have been built on a small hill to maximize the views, sea breeze and sounds of the waves. All of them have an ensuite bathroom, air conditioning and share a swimming pool.

Photos and video from Virgin Limited Edition

The competition

Necker Cup offers competitive play for both men and women at all levels of play. There will be 16 teams that will compete against every other team in a 10 point tiebreaker. The event will use The Premier Tennis Handicap Scoring System. The winning teams earn the right to compete in the Necker Cup Finals.

The Necker Cup Final

The Necker Cup final, is one of the most expected moments of the tournament where different amateurs and professional couples compete in an amusing match. During the show, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres are offered. During this event it is even possible to find Sir Richard Branson dressed up as a famous tennis player.

 Charity dinner

The colophon of this tournament comes with the “End of The World” dinner, that will take place the 1st of December with the objective to gather funds for charity trough an auction. The assistants have the opportunity to make a donation and buy products from famous tennis players. All funds gathered go directly to Virgin Unite, The National Tennis Foundation and other ATP / WTA charities. During the dinner, the guests are mixed with Sir Richard Branson and ATP/WTA Pros & Legends.


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