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Necker Open 2017

Golf in a tropical beach setting in the company of Richard Branson

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Necker Open 2017

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Soaring over the crystal clear waters of Puerto Rico, you spot out Dorado Beach, where you will begin your six day Necker Open Golf experience.  Upon your arrival to the Ritz-Carlton, you enjoy a refreshing tropical cocktail and accommodate yourself to begin the day.

Under the Caribbean sun, you practice your down swing at the nearby golf course with views of the sea. After some golfing, you bathe into the palm-tree surrounded Positivo Pool and take some time off to relax with the coastal breeze.Lunchtime brings you to the Ritz-Carlton dining area where you are delighted with the Caribbean dishes that are served. After an energizing lunch, you continue practicing for the coming tournaments in the company of your colleagues

The resort’s spa awaits after an intense day golfing with a Citrus Soufflé peeling and massage.

As the bright fire-toned colors invade the sky, evening falls and you begin to prepare for tonight’s dinner. Grooming up, before meeting up with the rest of the players, you wonder: What will it be like to play against professionals like Rafa Nadal? Will Sir Richard Branson dress up at the End of the World charity fund-raising party this year? You’re about to find out! The exciting golf tournament at Tórtola and Necker Islands is just about to begin!

The most exclusive golf tournament for professionals and amateurs  

This exclusive golf tournament where professionals and amateurs compete takes place in Necker Island, from the 27th November to the 2nd of December 2017. It first starts in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico, where participants enjoy 18 holes before departing to Necker Island located in the British Virgin Islands. The teams are composed of an amateur and professional. These teams compete to win the Necker Open Trophy 2017. Among the challenges of the competition, there is the Hole in One Challenge with a prize of $10,000,000.

Meet Sir Richard Branson personally

This event is hosted by Sir Richard Branson and has a highlighted role during the tournament. This is the second year that two sport competitions take place simultaneously on the island: the golf tournament Necker Open and the 6th edition of the tennis tournament Necker Cup. During the End of the World charity dinner party and auction, Sir Branson has a remarkable role. In previous years and in a humorous tone, Sir Branson dressed up as famous tennis players, like Maria Sharapova, to give the event a more lighthearted mood.

Charity fund-raising

This golf competition has a solidary side to it. On the last day, a gala dinner and auction is held for charity fund-raising. During this evening, guests and participants can bid for one of the trips, private tennis classes or famous players’ rackets. The collected amount is destined to the National Tennis Foundation and various non-profit organizations that belong to the ATP / WTA. Thanks to the last four editions of this event, $3 millions have been donated to social charities.

Necker Open participants stay in two different resorts during the tournament. The first night is spent in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico. You can enjoy the 75 kilometres of coasts that this Caribbean island has to offer along with its vegetation and lakes.

What you will love:

  • A tournament against golf professionals
  • Opportunity to meet Sir Richard Branson
  • Charity fundraising


Ritz-Carlton Dorado Beach

The Ritz-Carlton resort in Dorado Beach is one of the most luxurious hotels on the island is surrounded by a tropical forest. The rooms offer panoramic views of the beach and many of them count on a private pool. The hotel has a botanic spa, a wide variety of restaurants that offer Spanish, Caribbean and American dining. These are all very close to the golf courses. Enjoy the peace that this island offers while you improve your down swing for the Necker Open tournament.

West Beach Ocean Reserve

These types of rooms of 88 m2 are located in the 2nd floor and they stunning ocean views. They have a King bed or two queen and they also have a sofa bed. The bathroom, all in marble, has a rain-shower and oversize tub. It additionally has a terrace with a dining table and a flat-screen TVs.  



Bitter End Yacht Club

On the second day, participants stay at the Bitter End Yacht Club, in the British Virgin Islands. Bitter End Yacht Club is a resort on Virgen Gorda island, that is just 7 minutes away by boat from Necker Island. This resort is one of the most exclusive on the Caribbean and is on the coastal area of the island. The Reef Rooms at the Bitter End Yacht Club are located just a few steps from the beach.

Reef Rooms

These rooms are just a few steps from the water and offer exclusive views to the ocean. The interior deco uses tech wood, colorful accessories and a vintage wall fan. The room has a king size bed or two double beds and also amenities that will make your stay as comfortable as possible. Just in case the natural ventilation system isn’t enough, there is also air conditioning.

During your stay, you can unlimitedly use the 100 boats of the club’s fleet. You also have paddle boards, kayaks, catamarans and jet skis at your disposal.

The competition

Guests will enjoy 18 holes of world-class golf at the Dorado Beach Golf Course in Puerto Rico. Teams will consist of one PGA Tour Golf Pro / Legend and three amateurs. There will be a total of twelve amateur participants worldwide. After every 9 holes, the teams will rotate giving each amateur the chance to play with every pro. The punctuation system used in this competition is the Handicapped Scoring.

Necker Skill Challenges

Necker Open offers the opportunity to practice and improve your techniques in the hands of professionals and tennis instructors. From the first day at Dorado Golf Resort, you can practice several training routines to polish your skills. During the following days the championship begins. This championship is thought for all levels so that the experience is enriching and fun for both amateurs and professionals.

Hole in One Challenge

One of the most awaited events of the competition is the Hole in One Challenge that takes place in the Great House on Necker Island. Players try to get the golf ball into one of the greens in the middle of the ocean. The participant who wins takes home a prize of $10,000,00. This is one of the most difficult challenges. The impressive views Necker offers along with competing against celebrities, makes this one of the most desired activities.

For this challenge an Ecobioball is used. These are ecological and biodegradable. They contain fish food in their core and have been designed to practice golf in marine environments. Ecobioballs degrade in less than 48 hours.

Necker Cup Tennis Final

Since this is the first year that both sports events are held simultaneously on the island, participants from the Necker Open can assist the Necker Cup Tennis Final. This is a decisive moment for Necker Cup since amateurs play against professionals. This is one of the most awaited, festive and fun moments of the tournament. During the final cocktails and appetizers are served. Sir Richard Branson may even dress up as a famous tennis player as he has done in past editions. Enjoy this doubles match with famous tennis players like Boris Becker or Rafa Nadal.

Philanthropic Party

On the 18th of November, the End of the World party takes place. The main goal of this party is to raise funds for charity. The assistants will have the opportunity to make donations and purchase products from famous tennis players. All of the benefits will be destined to Virgin Unite, the National Tennis Foundation and other ATP / WTA charity organizations. During the evening, guests mingle with Richard Branson and professional tennis players as they listen to Sean Paul’s live music. This is a unique opportunity to meet other members and make new friends.


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