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Porsche Lapland Challenge Winter'17 - SOLD OUT

Navigate a Porsche through the iced lakes of the Swedish Lapland


Porsche Lapland Challenge Winter'17 - SOLD OUT

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The rhythm of your heart is set by the 6.500 rpm of the 911 when you get into gear four, accelerate and the Porsche yells as it grips over the frozen lake. Together you’re one, you are unbeatable, not the force of gravity, the -4ªF outside, or the fact that you’re driving in the middle of the night will stop you from conquering the next sharp right-turn you are facing fiercely right now.

Experience the ultimate sports car adventure driving on spiked tires next to European Speed Club’s “Ice Angels”, professional instructors, in Lapland. Your adrenaline will rise to another level on your search for the perfect drift along the different handling-courses, of up to 4 km length and Special Stages like GP Circuit, Ardennes or famous "Lapland Special Stage" where the spikes will get hot.

Three days where it’s all about speed, perfection, night driving action, passion, adrenaline and adventure at the wheel of a super exclusive and totally safe sports cars. Among their Porsche collection you will find from a Boxster to a wide range of Classics, going through Cayman, 911 and 991. All of them doubly staffed by the organizer.

Lapland captures the essence of the nordic wilderness, the perfect scenario to live a moment of truth when it’s the drift of your life. By the end of the this adventure you, together with the rest of participants. You will celebrate “Drivers Dinner & Winners Ceremony” in the M1 igloo.

You feel it? Wanna do it?

This complete program has been especially designed for car-enthusiasts. Its differential features will make the delights even for the most demanding ones. If you feel the passion for motorsports and you want to try something new, the frozen lakes of the Swedish Lapland are waiting you. These are some of its most appealing characteristics:

Night Drive Training

On the second day you’ll have the opportunity to experience a special session with a night drive on the Porsche of your choice. This circuit is divided into eight sections that include circles and oval shapes. What you’ll enjoy most is the uniqueness of driving over the frozen Lapland lakes at night. After an unforgettable ride, delight yourself with dinner in the company of the other drivers to share the adrenaline and impressions experienced when riding the Porsche.

Famous Instructors

All the driving classes are offered by professional drivers and well-known instructors. Thanks to their experience you will drive faster on ice even if you do not have previous experience. These tutors have exceptional knowledge of driving on ice and of the specially prepared vehicles allowing you to make a rapid progress. Its team of highly competent professional instructors compete at international level, so take the opportunity to ask them your doubts about the intriguing raceworld.

Porsche vehicles

During all your stay you will be driving high-end cars from the following models: Porsche Boxster, Cayman, Porsche 911, Porsche 991 and Porsche Classics. These vehicles have been specially prepared for ice and extreme cold, from the coolant to the tyres, everything to ensure that both performance and vehicle reliability are of the highest quality.

Exceptional circuits

Each winter the training circuits are constructed and maintained which makes it possible to create different replicas of famous circuits each year. These training circuits that have approximately 4 kilometers are similar to a F1 Grand Prix like the one in Ardennes or “Lapland Special Stage”. The tracks are set up in frozen lakes and in beds of fresh snow making possible to experience different types of grounds when driving the car.

As soon as you land, you will enter a world where you will experience four days of driving through ice lakes in the Sweden Lapland. Improve your driving skills on ice with this complete program:

What is awaiting you?

A frozen lake with over 15 kilometres of groomed tracks, circular ice patches and handling course where you can make swerves and tactical manoeuvres on board of a Porsche.


Program Summary

Day 1. Upon your arrival to the Arvidsjaur airport and reception by the ice angels, professional instructors, you will be taken to the Ice Center. At 14.00h, the first oral driving training session will be held along with some snacks and refreshments. From 14.30 to 17.00h your first training session will take place. During this part of the program, you will learn to drive in 4 circular circuits. At sunset, you will be transferred to “Hotell Laponia”, where you will check-in. Dinner is served at the hotel at 19.30h.

Day 2. Training takes place from 9.30 to 12.00h in the morning. During this time of the day, your Winter training is based on 8 circular and oval-shaped circuits. After this session, lunch is served in the company of the instructors. The afternoon session takes place until 16.30h. Starting 18.00h, you will enjoy a unique night-driving experience with your Porsche. The night session will allow you to put all of the techniques you will have acquired throughout the day into practice so that you can fully enjoy the frozen circuits in extreme conditions. After this training session, you will enjoy dinner on the lake in the company of all of the drivers. Cherish the most amazing moments of the day in the presence of your colleagues and instructors!

Day 3.  The last training session of Winter training consists in 4 circuit sections, that are up to 4km, and special circuits that are similar to those of the Grand Prix, the Ardennes or “Lapland Special Stage.” Get ready to feel your adrenaline rise!

At 12.30h, you will participate in the ceremony that is held for all of the drivers and winners at the Iglu M1. The participants can enjoy this exclusive event and socialize. During the evening, you will transfer to the Arvidsajaur airport and depart.

During these three days in Lapland you will enjoy 16 circuit sections. Your visit to Lapland will be full of excitement from beginning to end.

You can drive the vehicle individually or share with a colleague. Those that choose to drive individually will have double the amount of time driving (this option includes a supplement).

The car

You'll be given a fully equipped Porsche for the daily activities. Each vehicle is equipped with over 2.000 spikes. The program is distinguished by its individual group classification for newcomers and experts alike.

Training program and vehicle

A training seminar will be held by licensed instructors by the German Motorsport Association (DMDB).

The car provided to the user can vary depending on the availability of models: Porsche Boxster, Cayman, Porsche 911, Porsche 991 and Porsche Classics.

The vehicles are doubly staffed by the organizer and have a comprehensive cover with a percentage excess of 5.000€.


The package includes charter flights to various German airports (Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hannover). We highly recommend that you fly the night before to one of these cities so that you can land in Sweden at the start of the program. In case that you wish to travel on a private flight, we can help you with the booking.

What's included? 

  • The program includes three night at the “Hotell Laponia” in a single room (double room prices are on request).
  • Flights from German airports
  • Transfers
  • All meals
  • Prorated track rental fees and other services

Lapland Services for Companions

If you are travelling with an accompanying person, you will be accommodated in a double room. The accompanying person will have access to the Skidoo Tour but the shared driving experiences are not included.


Please note:

The minimum number of participants to develop the program is 12 people (subject to change).

Necessary Information

  • We recommend you to adequate time frame prior to flight departure (2 hours for international flights) because there is a unique flight to Lapland.  
  • You need to carry your passport or ID and do not forget your driving license.
  • The airline allows to bring 20 kilos per person and a piece of cabin luggage.
  • The final flight information will be handed over one week before departure.
  • Payments of swedish travel services are due before departing the hotel and can be paid in cash (SEK), by credit card or by debit card.  

Clothing Recommendations

For outdoor-activities you will be provided with a full a special winter equipment including boots and gloves.

Additionally it is recommend to bring with you:

  • Firm footwear and breathable clothes for the transfer from the airport to the Ice Center.
  • Facial care products like lipstick, sunglasses, scarf and gloves.
  • Anorak
  • Spare sunglasses
  • All necessary medicine
  • Photo or filming equipment
  • Credit or debit card

Choose your experience

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