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Discover a new way to float above water: Quadrofoil

Since when are toys just for kids?

Discover a new way to float above water: Quadrofoil

Since when are toys just for kids?

 Enjoy the eco-hydroplane over lakes and rivers

The beauty of the Swiss Riviera, framed in an Alpine landscape and surrounded by the famous Leman lake, has captivated you to spend the Summer in one of its exclusive villas. For two centuries this has been and continues to be one of the quintessential destinations for famous personalities in search of a peaceful nature setting. Empress Sisi, Freddy Mercury or Charles Chaplin are just a few examples of the list of JetSetters who frequented the area year after year. However, the Leman Lake has a great potential that few of them knew at that time.

Today, you can spot four-legged vessels, gliding upon the calm waters of the lagoon. At first sight, you might not know whether they are jet-skis or a speedboats. Their curious shape with four flaps may remind you of a spider that has merged with a flying fish. The instant you see it you will probably wonder: How can this boat possibly get up? You don’t really understand how this watercraft works, the only thing you know is that you want it.

The Quadrofoil is a recreational craft manufactured by a Slovenian company. It is the perfect hybrid of a jet-ski and speedboat. This hydraulic flying machine is a unique combination of components: lightweight modular hull built from composite materials and the C-foil technology that offers minimum water resistance. 

Its electric powered system makes it an environmentally friendly watercraft.  The percentage of emissions is almost imperceptible. Non governmental organizations working on behalf of environmental wellbeing, such as Greenpeace, see this technological innovation with very good eyes considering that many lakes are reluctant to allow the access of two-cycle engine vessels due to their high levels of CO2 emissions. With Quadrofoil you can go where luxury yachts are not authorized - remote places where vegetation and nature are wilder!

Quadrofoil allows you to plough through the waters of famous European canals, lakes and rivers with glamour and comfort. It is perfect for relaxed boat rides.  You can choose among the two versions available, depending on which one suits you best: one that speeds up to 16 knots or one that speeds up to 21 knots.   

The heart of the Swiss Alps will be full of glamour as soon as your Quadrofoil sets foot on these lakes. Are you ready to start a trend?

Photos and video from Quadrofoil


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