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Scrubby Bay

We have struggled to find it but we have got it. Welcome to the end of the world.


Scrubby Bay

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Close your eyes and imagine yourself waking up in a traditional farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Now open them slowly to find yourself in an astonishing country house facing the sea on a private isolated beach. A quietness that you've never experienced before embraces you and invites you to lie down to contemplate the setting.

After enjoying breakfast served by your personal chef, it is time to immerse yourself in this untouched landscape.

Barefoot, you feel the native stone under your feet and the balmy breeze of the Pacific Ocean. At last, you feel like you are in New Zealand. You stand back in awe as the surrounding hills rise into the panoramic view and watch the cattle graze along the ridge. You breath in the crisp, clean air and savour this instant that will be forever etched in your memory.

The mouth-watering aromas that come from the house tell you it's time to go back and delight yourself with the dishes that have been elaborated with local products from the Annandale farm and edible gardens. This is a truly “locavore” (local food) experience to share with your family and the ideal context to plan tomorrow’s adventure flying over the Fiordland’s Alpine area by helicopter.

At the end of the day, you move to the front of the house and dip into the relaxing heated swimming pool. You look up at the stars and realize that this in one of the clearest skies in the World! 

A breathtaking Scenery

This robust farmhouse is located in a remote bay on the South Island of New Zealand. It is embraced by surrounding hills on both sides. The variety of landscapes that the coast, beach and rural cattle fields provide are astonishing.  To preserve the quietness and authenticity of Scrubby Bay you can only access the farm by helicopter from Christchurch Airport or by car through a dirt road. If you are looking to bring a touch of romance to your holidays this is a flawless setting that will make you feel as if in a fairy tale.

A farmhouse with a modern style

This building keeps the essence of the farm while introducing contemporary elements through the materials the have bee used for construction. The whole house was built by Patterson Associates. It is made up of cedar and natural materials and its interior is fully lined in macrocarpa timber. The ceiling rises from 3.4 to 5.5 meters at the apex, enhancing the robust design. From an architectural perspective, the house is considered to be very attractive and was one of the 12 projects from New Zealand to be shortlisted in the World Building of the Year 2015 award.

All services are available for an unforgettable stay

At Scrubby Bay you will have a daily selection of fresh and delicious local food produced by the gardeners and farmers. Chef Paul Jobin will ensure the freshest ingredients are offered to you without compromising your privacy. There is also a wide range of beverages from Champagne to Sauvignon Blanc available.


Leisure options

There are many different activities around Scrubby Bay and you will be able to choose from sea or mountain activities. Enjoy New Zealand's waters on a kayak excursion or explore the Banks Peninsula on a powerboat. This coast, full of dolphins and seals, is the perfect setting to observe wildlife and the fascinating volcanic topography and geology of the Island.

If you like rural life you can take a farm tour with a personal guide or experience a motorbike adventure. You can also explore the region with a helicopter to enjoy the island from a wider perspective.

Scrubby Bay is a magical and completely private setting for couples, families and travellers that need to relax from ordinary life. The farm has approximately 4,822 sq ft (448 m2) and it is prepared for gatherings of up to 14 guests. The house has 4 bedrooms and it is divided in 3 master suites, 1 bedroom and 8 bunk beds.

The house is fully equipped with all necessary features like expansive deck areas, wireless internet access, digital television, a gourmet kitchen, laundry facilities and four ensuite bathrooms. There is also a heated swimming pool and spa pool outside. Enjoy a hot bath in a deserted setting while you contemplate the horizon and the immensity of the sea. The house also has a private helipad to make the transfer from the airport comfortable.

Another special feature that you'll enjoy is the massive stone fireplace.

What will you love:

  • A heated swimming pool and spa pool
  • Open fire and deck to relax with family and friends
  • Chef’s kitchen to prepare your specially catered meals

  •  Wi-fi
  • Digital television to keep you connected
  • Swimming pool and spa pool
  • Open fire and deck to relax with family and friends
  • Chef's kitchen to prepare your specially catered meals
  • Laundry services available

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Scrubby Bay
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