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A lifetime planning your dream wedding and it’s finally here: a celebration with your loved ones, a whole night of toasts to the future, love and laughter. But the best it yet to come.  In a few hours you and your partner will be flying to a place where rugged beauty and ultimate luxury instantly whisk you away from the everyday World.

Imagine the two of you waking up to Seascape, an ultra-modern and sustainable retreat secluded in a private bay with ocean views. The open concept design will make you feel as if you were floating on the open sea.

In the coziness of the place, lying next to the outdoor fireplace, you will spot the dolphins and seals swimming in the glittering waters of the Pacific Ocean.

But what really sets Seascape apart is the outside. A wide range of leisure and entertainment options, such as kayaking, hiking or biking across the spectacular farm, is the perfect way to enjoy and discover this untouched area of New Zealand.

As the sun sets, a restorative spa session in your own villa will open your appetite, just in time to close the day savoring the fresh local ingredients cooked by your chef.

Stay where the World can’t find you... Start your life together by building great memories.  

Seascape is a nature retreat that has been designed to provide a truly romantic experience for couples. It recreates a timeless and unique space that could accommodate two people discreetly without disregarding the contemporary comforts of modern life.  


Annandale Seascape Cottage was designed by the architectural firm Patterson Associates on the edge of the Banks peninsula in New Zealand. The unconventional building is set on a rock escarpment which makes it accessible through a dirt road or by helicopter, allowing guests to relax in a memorable setting. The turf roof and glass façade gives the house this avant-garde style that will captivate you to bring you to another dimension.  

Honeymoon Escape

Seascape is a retreat that was especially envisioned as a honeymoon escape, allowing guests to enjoy some time for themselves while coexisting with nature and the roar of the ocean. The house was built with the intention to cover modern needs while also providing quiet and unique moments.


The destination itself offers newly-weds the possibility to enjoy many interesting activities like cruising the Pigeon Bay on a powerboat or touring around the French settlement of Akaroa. Whatever you fancy, from a farming activity to a cooking class, you can have it organized by your personal concierge.

Seascape is a sparkling jewel in South Island, New Zealand, a picturesque private bay that can only be accessed by helicopter or through a dirt road in a 40-minute four-wheel vehicle drive.

This ultra-modern retreat counts on of 1,894 sq ft (176 m2 ) and can accommodate a maximum of two people in its living room, bedroom and bathroom. There is a king size bed  that sits upon a dais, a step up from the living area and fireplace, so the incredible views dominate the space. The modern bathroom is open, so you can capture a view of the dramatic rock formations along the coast and that lead out to the outdoor spa.

From inside it seems as if you are navigating the sea, in thrall to its ever-changing moods, yet safely embraced by luxury and modern comforts.

The retreat was built using local materials, with in-situ poured concrete floors and an earth turfed roof. The geometry of the house has been thought to respond to both near views of the Bay and far views out to Rocky Spires. Therefore, the building is lined with horizontal macrocarpa wood. The wall and ceiling panels behind double glazed low e-glass are storm proof because they use materials resistant to earthquakes. The interiors are a hypnotizing array of textures, with furniture reduced to the minimum, encouraging a powerful connection with the outdoors.

The house has all the necessary amenities for all season comfort such as indoor heated floors, wireless internet access, digital television, a fully equipped kitchen and access to a private helipad. Outside you will find the luxurious spa pool where you will be able to relax while contemplating the views of the private bay.

What we love

  • Outdoor lounge with fireplace
  • Luxurious outdoor spa 
  • The location

  • Outdoor lounge with fireplace 
  • Luxurious outdoor spa to relax in view of the private bay
  • Indoor heated floors
  • Fireplace for all season comfort
  • Super-king size bed
  • Breakfast and dinner are included in the price

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