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Son Bunyola

Discover the best kept secrets of the "Serra de Tramuntana"

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Son Bunyola

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When the car starts bordering the landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana, dozens of colours of the Mediterranean sea, bathed by the sun, catch your attention and make you feel distracted from the reality for a while. To your left, a beautiful mountain chain worth of being considered National Heritage.

You stop in front of a fence where two rocks show you have arrived to Son Bunyola, your home for the next few days. You move forward through the state’s path and unconsciously you roll down the car window to feel the perfume of the vineyards, citrus plantations and olive trees, that surround you, caressing you. Your sense of freedom and wellbeing is growing up exponentially.

Son Bunyola welcomes you with its Mallorcan charm. Its almost 800 years of age give it a presence that makes it the centerpiece in a spectacular environment.

While the staff helps you to take out the luggage from your car, your parents make themselves comfortable in the large living room, where the traditional furniture from the island contrasts with cutting-edge technology. It’s amazing to see their faces of happiness, to be able to enjoy these days with them and to celebrate together with your kids their golden anniversary.

A moment later, you hear the laughter of the children playing outside and making splashes at the salty swimming pool. You come closer to kiss them before leaving, with your partner, to play a tennis match. Some exercise will be good to whet the appetite before lunch time.

At your way back, the flavour of the barbecue cuts off your argument about who has won the match. A quick dip to refresh you, and everybody to the table! The patriarchs are waiting for you while sipping a glass of wine and tasting some local cold meat. The table starts being filled up with a selection of meat, fish and vegetables...A wide variety of unique flavours will make you lose your senses.

With the colors of the sunset, it is the perfect time to go, along with the rest of the family, to walk. After twenty minutes, you arrive to the beach. The kid’s face suddenly breaks into surprise when they see a beautiful sailboat anchoring in front of you. It’s the perfect moment to give them the surprise you’ve been waiting for, tomorrow you are taking them to sail!  

Best setting in the island

Son Bunyola is located in a secluded area of the Serra de Tramuntana, a mountain range declared World Heritage not only for its rich fauna and flora but also for its traditional constructions in dry stone. The cultural landscape of The Serra is made up of paths, terraces, walls and traditional constructions integrated harmoniously in the nature. The Serra de Tramuntana has an abundance of endemic species such as the tiny ferreret or Mallorcan midwife toad. This scenery has been protected due to its ecological value. Get stunned every morning with the impressive views that surround the villa and feel the peace of this magical Mediterranean environment. The peacefulness and privacy of the villa are assured as the nearest town, Banyalbufar, is 15 minute-drive away.  

Family-friendly destination

Son Bunyola, has an area of 682 acres and is surrounded by a dramatic scenery that includes vines, citrus, fruit trees, almonds and hundreds of olive trees. Its two villas, Sa Terra Rotja and Sa Punta de S’Aguila, are perfect for families not only for its size, spacious villas of 4 and 5 rooms, but for the possibilities the setting offers in terms of leisure activities. This is without doubt, one of the most family-friendly destinations you can find due to its combination of beach, mountain and quietness. Even if you like to go on excursions or go by bicycle Serra de Tramuntana offers a wide variety of routes at all levels. Instead, if you have more cultural interests do not forget to visit the capital of the island especially his Cathedral and Old town. The Cathedral, with a Catalan Gothic style, was declared in 1931 Historic-Artistic Monument. In addition, do not miss his local gastronomy, the islander flavours will catch you!

Sir Richard Branson’s new acquisition

Son Bunyola is the newest acquisition of Sir Richard Branson’s private collection. It is also at the same time one of his favourite spots in the Mediterranean coast. Sir Branson has devotion for the island of Majorca and the Serra de Tramuntana for its great natural beauty.

Sa Terra Rotja is one of the two villas that covers some of the 680 acres at Son Bunyola’s estate. This villa is located 25 kilometres away from the airport and its closest main town is Banyalbufar.  

Sa Terra Rotja, literally translating as “red earth”, is a four-bedroom villa that can comfortably accommodate 8 adults in 4 en-suite bedrooms. The villa features 493 m2 in two floors, both the upper and the lower level have two bedrooms each. Rooms at Sa Terra Rotja are arranged together at one end of the villa apart from the private Master Suite on the upper level which has magnificent views out to sea. All bedrooms feature en-suite bathrooms and a complimentary selection of toiletries. Sa Terra Rotja also has a private heated swimming pool and plenty of space on the terrace for sunbathing. The villa is situated a 20 minute walk from a pebble beach.

What you will love:

  • 15 x 5.5 m heated swimming pool  
  • Traditional Mallorcan Style
  • Local dishes served in the lounge

Sa Terra Rotja has a variety of common areas that include a heated pool, a large lounge area with access to the outdoor pergola and indoor and outdoor dining areas offering spectacular views guaranteed from both locations.

What’s included?

  • Accommodation for 7 nights
  • All drinks including wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks and Spanish sparkling wine
  • Daily continental breakfast
  • Lunch and dinner for 6 days tailored to your tastes
  • A concierge service to help you arrange activities and restaurant bookings  
  • Wireless internet
  • Daily housekeeping and pool service

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Sa Punta de S’Aguila is the second villa of Son Bunyola’s vast estate. Accessing Sa Punta de S’Aguila from Mallorca airport is easy. In only 40 minutes-drive you’ll reach the property.  Both villas are not far from each other and you can arrive there within 5 minutes by car.

Sa Punta de S’Aguila, which translation would be “Eagle’s Point”, features five bedrooms and it is located around the coastline. It was built following the typical Mallorcan style and it has a size of 663 m2 distributed in two floors: an upper level with a bedroom, the master suite, and a lower level with four bedrooms. This villa can accommodate comfortably 10 adults in 5 en-suite rooms. It can also be rented privately for families or larger events. The house offers panoramic views to the sea and the mountains.

What you will love:

  • 15 x 6 m heated swimming pool
  • Traditional Mallorcan style
  • 5 en-suite bedrooms with terrace

Sa Punta de S’Aguila boasts a wide variety of shared areas to socialize and relax. From the spacious lounge area to the dining room you’ll feel immediately like at home. The big terrace at Sa Punta de S’Aguila and its outdoor area are perfect to have dinner or some cocktails. Sa Punta de S’Aguila features its own 15 x 6 m heated pool.

What’s included? 

  • Accommodation for 7 nights
  • All drinks including wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks and Spanish sparkling wine
  • Daily continental breakfast 
  • Lunch and dinner for 6 days tailored to your tastes 
  • A concierge service to help you arrange activities and restaurant bookings  
  • Wireless internet
  • Daily housekeeping and pool service

Images from Virgin Limited Edition

Son Bunyola and its two villas offer many options for guests that like to do sports in the free nature. Some of the possibilities the estate offers you are:  


Only a few steps away from your private villa you will find two heated pools at a temperature of 29/30 degrees Celsius. Take a dip at the pool and feel how the time is frozen in a moment of well-being.


Play tennis at the nearby court (racquets and balls provided). The tennis court is shared by Sa Terra Rotja and Sa Punta de S’Aguila.


Son Bunyola is settled within the beautiful Mallorcan mountainous landscape, an ideal location for hiking expeditions. Take a walk around the estate or head straight down to the coast to walk barefoot on the pebble beach sand. The walk between the two villas is approximately 40 minutes. The nearest town, Banyalbufar, is approximately a 30 minute walk away from Sa Punta de S’Aguila.


Cycling excursions to explore Mallorca can be arranged during your stay. All the necessary cycling equipment is provided by a cycle hire company.  


There are over 20 golf courses on the island, many of them are of a high standard. Our concierge can help you with green fee reservations should you wish to play one.


Sail on the quiet Mediterranean blue waters on board a yacht of your choice. The sheltered bays and the dramatic coastlines of the East Mallorca are beautiful spots worthy to be seen from a vessel.

Canoeing and Kayak Tours

Explore the island on a more energetic way through a canoeing or kayak tour. These activities combine stunning sceneries, wildlife and snorkeling in paradisiacal spots and lots of fun!

Deep Sea Fishing

The Balearic Islands are a paradise for sailors and sport fishers. Especially the north coast has many virgin coves and amazing areas for fishing. If you would like to go fishing, Captain Borras is the person to contact, as he holds a professional record in sport fishing. He is located in Port Sóller harbour and he will be delighted to show you the hidden details of this activity.

Spa Treatments

Spa treatments of your choice can be provided during your stay in Mallorca. You just need to inform your local concierge about it and he’ll arrange it for you.


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