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Terms and Conditions

Legal information about Trovel and Terms and Conditions of website use

Company address:
Carrer Aragó, 264, Ático, 08007 Barcelona
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Holder of web domain Trovel Premium Community


The following points establish the General Conditions for use of this website by users. TROVEL reserves the right to modify the conditions that rule this website, enforcing them from the date of their publication onwards. From this moment onwards the third parties are considered to be notified.

In the case of a language conflict in the terms and conditions, the Spanish version will prevail. This document can be printed and kept by visitors and users.


1. Participation

Any physical person over age 18 with full capacity to purchase or hire, that haS read and accepted the present Terms and Conditions, can participate in this services named “TROVEL”.

By using TROVEL’s website, the user accepts to comply with the Terms and Conditions and the laws imposed that are applicable to this document, exempting TROVEL of any responsability.

TROVEL reserves the right to restrict, suspend or deny access to the website in the case of detecting inappropriate behaviour by the user.


2. Description of the Service

TROVEL offers an information system on trips, touristic experiences and services related to the premium tourism industry or high end products, that comply with the standards of the TROVEL brand, from now onwards referred to as  “services”.

TROVEL is a commercial and fantasy name and TROVEL.COM is also a comercial and fantasy name with a technical nature. In both cases, the rights are held by TROVEL.

We understand “suppliers” as companies who distribute TROVEL products such as hotels, airlines and stores, among others. Also, TROVEL understands “product” as any article that is available on the website.

TROVEL acts as an intermediary between the website users and suppliers. When using the website to obtain any of our services available online, the contract will directly take place between the user and corresponding provider


3.How the Service Operates

TROVEL.COM allows free and open access (beyond derived costs, in this case, from access to Internet), without the need of providing personal data or any monetary compensation.


3.1 Prices

Prices are negotiated between TROVEL and the provider, thus the price offered by the provider in other sources may vary. All of the prices exclusively comprehend the services that are detailed and are orientative estimations, all subject to diverse variables that are associated to the product like possible modifications due to different causes, such as changes in the price of fuel, season or travel dates, categories and variations in the types of monetary exchange, fairs, rates and taxes (for boarding and departing, landing, staying), among other reasons.


3.1.1 Currency Converter

The currency that prices are expressed on the website are based on the place of origin of the provider. For this reason, the prices that prevail are always those shown in the local currency of the country of the provider involved. However, there is always the possibility of selecting a different currency proposed by TROVEL where the user can see prices and/or proceed with payments.  

Nevertheless, the types of exchange rates used are extracted from public sources and/pr suppliers and, even though these are updated daily, can only be used as an orientation. The exactness of the fairs indicated is not guaranteed as in many cases fairs vary. If the customer has the intention of using this information with a financial purpose, TROVEL recommends that the customer request professional assessment to ensure the precision behind the exchange rates. TROVEL and our affiliates and suppliers do not authorize the use of this information for other purposes besides those of a private customer. To the extent in which the law contemplates, the reselling and redistribution of TROVEL’s products and services is forbidden.


3.2 Purchase Process

Purchases of products that are included in the website are ruled by the current Terms and Conditions and the particular conditions of the corresponding provider of the established product in each case. These particular conditions will be present and available throughout the reservation process. These conditions can apply especially, but without being limited to, what concerns payment policies, cancellations, payment currency and use of installations.

Some of the products on the website present the option of paying a guarantee deposit that is necessary to manage, proceed and validate the reservation, depending on the conditions negotiated with the suppliers. This deposit will be charged by Trovel Premium Community. TROVEL will not be responsible for any types of commissions that the bank may charge to the customer for using their services, such as commissions for bank transfers, exchange rates, credit or debit cards. Once the purchase of the product is confirmed, users must unconditionally and irrevocably facilitate their personal information to the provider of the hired services, with the variants and modalities that, in their case, are determined. Afterwards, a confirmation and/or reservation voucher will be sent via e-mail to the customer. It is requested that the user read and closely check that all of the information contained is correct in order to make sure that it is adapted to the user’s needs.

In the case that the purchase by the user is rejected by the provider, TROVEL will do everything possible to find an alternative product that satisfies the user, allowing the user to accept or decline the alternative product freely.


3.3 Fidelity Program

In the case that the user purchase a product from a provider that offers a fidelity program external to TROVEL, there is no guarantee that the benefits of the associated program can be attributed or claimed by the user afterwards. Points, vouchers or gift cards that are not a TROVEL initiative will not be accepted.


3.4 Budgets

Budgets are information on price and availability at the time of the request. There can be variations of these factors throughout the decision process of the customer, without the guarantee of being able to recover the previous prices.


3.5 Modification and Finalization

The provider reserves the right to modify the content of the website and the conditions of the product for justified causes. In the same manner, the provider reserves the right to terminate the use of this service at any given moment. The functioning of these mentioned variations will be done on prior notice to the participants and members.


3.6 Cancellation and Returns

Each product counts on its own cancellation or non acceptance conditions. The consumer has the right to not accept a contracted trip at any moment before departure. If the customer wishes to cancel a purchase, a written email message requesting the cancellation must be sent to

Villas, trips around the world, circuits, flights and products from the Boutique are non-refundable, cannot be canceled and are therefore not subject to refunds in any case.

However, for the rest of products, cancellations can be produced 15 days prior to departure. The client will have to pay a penalization depending on the days left for departure according to the following:

  1. A 5% on the total price of the trip if the cancellation is requested over 10 days and less than 15 days prior to departure.
  2. A 15% on the total price of the trip if the cancellation is requested between 10 and 3 days prior to departure.
  3. A 25% of the total price of the trip if the cancellation is requested 48 hours before departure.

If the correct price of the article was greater than the indicated price, TROVEL would get in contact with the client to notify the client of the correct price before sending and/or cancelling the order.


3.7 Visas and Trip Documentation

TROVEL highly recommends that prohibitions, warning, written communications and published reports by the governmental authorities and competent public organisms be consulted before reserving any trip.

TROVEL suggests that the client inform him or herself on the what is requested by the destination country in order to enter before reserving. During the trip, the confirmation email and/or vouture along with a personal ID or valid passport will be requested.  

It is not TROVEL’s responsibility to manage vaccines, visas, passports or other necessary documents or requirements to enter the destination.


4. Personal Data. Privacy Policy


4.1 Nature and Use of Data and Ownership of the File

All information provided in the registration process must be true, complete and precise, obligating the user to get in contact with TROVEL (via any of the contacts provided in the following section) in the case of any variations in the provided information.

The personal data that is voluntarily given by users and visitors of the website will be included in two files:

  1. An automated file under the ownership of TROVEL Premium Community S.L. and that has the finality of facilitating access to the content offered through the website; offer, manage, administrate, amplify and improve services and/or contents offered on the web according to the preferences and tastes of the users; the study of the use of services by users and visitors; the design of new services related with such services and contents; the management of incidences and the maintenance of the web; those that are necessary for the development, contract compliance and control that web users or visitors keep with TROVEL; facilitate information on trip contents, including information on certain destinations or other analogue services, as well as those with advertising or commercial prospection purposes for TROVEL’s products and services.
  2. An automate file under the ownership of the provider of the service contracted and that has the finality to facilitate information on trip contents, product specifications and the elaboration of budgets and specific contractual offers.


4.2 Exercise of Rights

Regarding each of the files previously stated, users will have the right to access, modify, cancel or oppose by means of a request along with documentation to accredit personal identification via the following contacts:

TROVEL Premium Community S.L., c/ Aragón, 264, Ático, Barcelona, or via fax at +34 931 750 015 or email at

Both TROVEL and the suppliers will protect the data in compliance with the law regarding data protection. The files are found in self-owned servers that count on high levels of security that are required by the law that applies to personal data protection. Both TROVEL and the suppliers, in compliance with the applicable law, will keep the the personal data gathered and will adopt necessary measures to avoid alteration, loss, unauthorized treatment or unauthorized access.


4.3 Third Party Access

All of the facilitated data can be, in particular cases and in compliance with the applicable law, disposed of or accessed by third party collaborating companies or companies subcontracted by TROVEL and/or suppliers with the effects of managing specific requests (customer service, call center, billing arrangements, credit management, touristic service suppliers, etc.).


4.4 Cookies

Accessing the web can imply the use of cookies.


5. Intellectual and Industrial Property

Both the web as well as the contents that are derived from the web are protected by the laws of Intellectual Property. They cannot be object of exploitation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, ceased or transformed. The access to this website does not give the users intellectual property rights of the contents found on the website.

The supplier is thankful for the voluntary emission of testimonials and other opinions, considerations and comments related to products and services that the provider offers. This information may be incorporated into the web, guaranteeing at all times the recognition of the authors.

For this reason, and with the objective of complying with the current legislation and technical characteristics of the support, the material sent may be object to modification. The authors of these contributions, with their emission, renounce to any economic right or any other right over the emitted testimonials, opinions, considerations and comments. However, the authors can request that these may be removed at any time.

The contents of the web can be downloaded on the user’s device, if and when it is for private use and does not have a commercial purpose. Therefore, the user cannot exploit, reproduce, distribute modify, publicly communicate, cease, transform or use the content on this website for public or commercial purposes.

The provider does not transfer the property of the software to the users. The user is owner of the support in which the software is saved. The organizing company holds all of the industrial and intellectual rights including those of the software. If the user transfers software from the web to the user’s device, the user cannot dissect it for its study, or decompile it, translate the original code or the language into another code or language.

The commercial name, brands, logos, products and services contained in the web, both those that are property of TROVEL or third parties, along with the present Terms and Conditions are protected by the law.

The provider reserves the right to possibly executing the corresponding judicial actions to users that violate or infringe the rights of the data bases and/or intellectual property, industrial property or properties belonging to third parties


6. Responsibility Limitations

The provider will not respond to eventual problems derived from the anomalous functioning of the web derived from third parties involved in the technical processes of the web services. Therefore, TROVEL will not respond to problems derived from telecommunication services, services from Internet suppliers, collapses and cut-offs of telephone lines, product validation and/or distribution issues, difficulties to receive communication due to anti-spam filters from third parties, etc.

The provider will not respond in any case and for any reason to the loss of data transmitted incorrectly, or for those transmitted past the deadline or those that their emission has been impeded or hampered by technical filtration systems from electronic mail suppliers or software managers.

Our activity is limited to the mere mediation between users and suppliers, for which we have no control over the quality of the services or obligations over them. Possible disputes that may occur between users and suppliers that are related to their obligations, to the quality of services/products, installations and so forth, will remain private between the two parts of the contract, keeping TROVEL out of these disputes, however offering mediation to find a satisfactory solution for the user


7. Links to other Websites

With the objective of complementing the information available on, there are links of other websites that are alien to TROVEL. Because TROVEL does not control or manage these domains, TROVEL is not responsable for the content or quality of the information shown in these domains.


8. Jurisdiction, Nullity and Inefficiency of Clauses

These Terms and Conditions are subject to Spanish law. In the case of a litigation related to the present Terms and Conditions and/or web service, the courts of the city of Barcelona are established, except in the case of a litigation with non merchants in which case the corresponding laws will apply. If any clause included in these Terms and Conditions were declared totally or partially null or inefficient, such nullity or inefficiency would only affect the mentioned disposition or the part of the mentioned that resulted null or inefficient, therefore substituting the Terms and Conditions for all of the clauses except the affected parts.

None of the exposed clauses should be understood in a contrary sense or in a restrictive manner towards the imperative law that should be applied regarding laws applicable to suppliers in the defense of consumers or users.


v. 1.1 - 10/08/2016
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