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The Brando

The island that made Marlon Brando fall in love

The Brando

The Brando

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Marlon Brando, the seducer of all times, became instantly seduced by the Polynesian way of life: "My mind is always soothed when I imagine myself sitting on my South Sea island at night. If I have my way, Tetiaroa will remain forever a place that reminds Tahitians of what they are and what they were centuries ago.”

The bright stars illuminating the French Polynesian sky have been guiding explorers for millennia. Since its discovery, Tetiaroa Island has been a place of sanctuary, ritual, and taboo. Tahitian high chiefs’ sacred pleasure gardens have been inherited from generation to generation.

Tetiaroa is still today an untouched wonderland perfectly preserved for your own use and enjoyment.

The Brando hasn't needed much time to become a reference resort worldwide. Its natural beauty, attention to detail, privacy and, above all, sustainable living concept have earned this haven of tranquility many awards.

You wake up slowly as your couple is still sleeping right next to you. Take a few minutes to delightfully contemplate the panoramic views of the beautiful lush vegetation surrounding the private villa. Pandanus, miki miki and coconut trees will provide you with all the intimacy and peace you've been looking for.

Today a private photographic safari with a professional photographer awaits. This is your opportunity to enjoy a unique tour of the atoll on a comfortable roofed boat with a naturalist guide. Learn the Polynesian dance, cook local dishes and pamper yourself at the Varua Polynesian Spa.

At the end of the day, a private romantic dinner on the beach will put the icing on the cake for a memorable stay.

Marlon Brando’s private Island

Tetiaroa was one Marlon Brando’s personal retreats. He first came to the island while filming Mutiny on the Bounty and was immediately enchanted by the island’s rare beauty and the sense it gave him of being closer to paradise. He was passionate about preserving its cultural richness, natural beauty and incredible biodiversity. He also wanted the World to know and love Polynesia and its people the way he did. The actor dreamed of finding a way for Tetiaroa to serve as a model for the mankind. The Brando is that dream brought to life.


Guy Martin's award-winning cuisine from the Michelin two star restaurant Le Grand Véfour from Paris is offered at The Brando restaurants. The resort has many dining options that include a varied Polynesian menu inspired in classic French cuisine. The chef will choose daily organically cultivated fruits and vegetables from The Brando gardens. The fish and shellfish come from the closeby Polynesian waters. In addition, many of the bars and restaurants offer spectacular views to the lagoon. Enjoy an exquisite meal while contemplating breathtaking views.

Flora & Fauna

The reef surrounding Tetiaroa and the large spectacular coral beds in the lagoons provide a perfect place for marine life to flourish. At least 167 fish species have been observed around the atoll, from colorful parrotfish and spotted eagle rays to blacktip sharks and bonefish.

Beautiful tropical birds are found throughout Tetiaroa and also 38 indigenous plants are found here, six of them very rare. It is not a surprise that international plant hunters and botanists have organized at least nine expeditions to Tetiaroa since 1921.


This eco-resort combines environment purity, luxury and French Polynesian charm in an exceptional All Inclusive experience. Bought by the famous actor Marlon Brando in 1966, Tetiaroa or the Island of Islands is an ancient retreat for the Tahitian Kings. It is an atoll decorated with 12 Motus  that are surrounded by a colorful annular reef. His idea, a reality today, was to create a sustainable paradise, among the long white sand beaches and the island palm groves.

With access to the resort via private plane, it has 35 villas with a private pool on white sand beaches visited by sea-turtles and exotic birds. There are more than 150 aquaculture fish species while the sea-turtle chooses these fine sand beaches to lay her eggs. Tahuna Iti, one of the twelve Motus (islets) that form the atoll, is an enclave that hosts millions of colorful birds who live free of predators.

Enjoy lunch with one of the best views on your beachfront restaurant, a sophisticated dinner like one you would find in an award-winner restaurant from Paris, a sunset at the Lagoon View Bar, a lively chat at Bob’s bar, or a unique dinner in the intimacy of your villa.

The Varua Polynesian Spa is a natural peace refuge enclosed ashore a relaxing pond at the Motu Onetahi. This is the place where the royal Tahitian family retreated to relax and enjoy their beauty rituals, inspired in ancient Polynesian traditions, along with modern techniques. The spa has steam baths, tea and relaxation rooms, a yoga refuge and a suite spa for couples.

The Brando is the image one has of paradise.

What you will love:

  • Eco-sustainable philosophy
  • Polynesian gastronomy vs classic French cuisine
  • Varua Polynesian Spa


One Bedroom Villa

With its 1,033 sq ft (96m2 ), you’ll feel at home. The villas have been carefully designed to mix and improve the serenity of the environment, thus giving a feeling that the indoors and outdoors have been fused into one. The warm living room is furnished with soft comfortable chairs and sofas. In an adjoining room, you’ll be able to listen to music, watch a movie, or use Wi-Fi to keep in touch with friends and family.

The bathroom has an outdoor bath, located behind a wooden wall. The roof takes you to a private pool of 10m2.

The large room has a dressing room, a king size bed that invites you to relax and contemplate the lake through a large window, visible through a pandanus, miki miki and coconut palm shade.


Two Bedroom Villa 

The two bedroom villa counts on 1,808 sq ft (168m2). Inside, a large and airy living room connects all the rooms of the villa, while providing a spaciousness feeling. The living room also counts on a private dining area with seating for six, a kitchen and a wide entryway onto a large, two-tiered deck.

In these villas, the second bedroom is on the first floor. The downstairs bedroom features a private dressing room. Upstairs, while you gaze out the lagoon, you’ll feel as if floating over this opulent tropical view. The room also has its own dressing area, bathroom and outdoor bath. This spacious privacy extends to your1,658 sq ft (154m2) private yard and pool.

Three Bedroom Villa 

The three bedroom villa is designed to lodge family or friend groups. With 2,648 sq ft (246m2), this villa has all the features of the two bedroom villa but in an even bigger scale. The third bedroom is separate from the main house by an above-ground walkway, and includes its own dressing room, bathroom and outdoor bath. In the outdoor area there's a 237 sq ft (22 m2) private pool.

Depending on the flight details and the arrival/departure times, sometimes it is recommended to spend one pre-night and one post-night in Tahiti

Photos and video from The Brando

At The Brando, you'll find a great amount of activities, from mountain biking to scuba diving and kite surfing.

Discover the submarine life in a coral garden and species like sea turtles, manta rays, reef sharks and an amazing variety of fish. Explore the spectacular lagoon on a Polynesian canoe, kayak or paddle. If you wish, you can spend the whole time on the main island or explore any of the private virgin islands surrounding the lagoon.

You can also visit the library, where you'll be able to read books about the French Polynesia and assist activities on Polynesian culture, history and lifestyle. Scientists investigating rare birds species and sea life in the atoll will be pleased to show you their latest discoveries.


  • The Beachcomber Café
  • Les Mutinés
  • The Te Manu Bar
  • Bob’s Bar
  • The main infinity pool
  • The Varua Polynesian Spa
  • The Concierge service and Explorer’s Club
  • The Lagoon School
  • The Ecostation

All Inclusive Package

All Inclusive package rates are offered starting from three nights. Prices vary depending on the category of villa. The fee includes:

  • Occupancy of a private oceanfront villa
  • All meals in the resort’s restaurants (with supplemental charges for some special requests).
  • 24-hour service
  • 50-minute treatment in the spa every day for one person per bedroom (two treatments per day for two-bedroom villas, three treatments per day for three-bedroom villas).
  • Each guest has access to a bicycle plus canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and snorkeling gear.
  • Most beverages: bottled mineral water, sodas, beer, wine, champagne and spirits (supplemental charge for ultra-premium alcoholic beverages, like certain champagnes, vintage wines and spirits).
  • Internet access in the villas and throughout the resort, video on demand in the villas, events and presentations, participation in one activity per person per day
  • One scuba diving lesson per person per stay.

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2 Bedroom Villa - All Inclusive
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3 Bedroom Villa - All Inclusive
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1 Bedroom Villa with Breakfast
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