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The Ultraviolet Experience

Wake up all of your senses with 20 dishes and 20 scenes at Ultraviolet


The Ultraviolet Experience

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You’re in Shanghai, a new city, a tabula rasa that feeds off of the best from international cultures. This cosmopolitan urb. squanders liveliness and a feeling of freshness. Here, everything is allowed.

Ten guests, a table as a unique element within a pure white cube. Don’t question anything: you’re in Shanghai, you’re in Ultraviolet. Open your mind and get ready to live a “psico-sensorial” experience, a meal where gastronomy and staging go hand in hand.

Just like the city that received him in 2005, irreverent chef Paul Pairet looks to provoke his guests and each and every one of their senses. Pairet, originally French, will shake your grounds with some of his creations. And with other creations, he’ll bring back the comfort you need.

Live 20 dishes, 20 scenes. The “oyster with caviar, citrus juice and seawater mousse” is served in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, while the cool and restful forest environment surrounds you with every bite of “truffle bread.”

London is a city of rain and home to the celebrated The Beatles; these two elements, along with the surprising reversion of “fish & chips,” will be the protagonists of the scene. From the British capital hop off to exotic Indonesia, passing by Marseille, thanks to the “encapsulated bouillabaisse.”

The scenes are tailor-made and projected according to what is being served; an undoubted demonstration of the abilities and talent of a chef without barriers. As chef Pairet says, “eating must stimulate all of the senses, not only the ones that are closest to your fork.”

Do you dare to let Ultraviolet play with your senses for one night?

Video from The New York Times

A pioneer gastronomic experience

Ultraviolet was the first restaurant in the World to unite gastronomy with multisensorial technology. This experience is a complete immersion into new stimuli and special effects. Without any predecessors, creator Paul Pairet took over 15 years to launch this innovation. The grand opening took place on May 18th 2012 and has ever since become a reference in Asia as well as internationally.

The Concept of “Pyscho Taste”

Pairet believes that the sense of taste goes beyond physical attributes. Taste is one of the most tangible of our five senses yet it is difficult to define or explain. What is taste? Taste is activated through our subconscious and depends on the before and after. Our preconceived thoughts, memory, imagination, experience and culture influence how we perceive every ingestion. Other factors like reputation or our expectations also influence our experience. Even gastronomic critics believe that our feelings interfere with our subconscious when eating. Ultraviolet mixes technology to guide and control our “psycho tate” while it also helps improve the perception of every dish.


Ultraviolet has a wide range of international recognition awards: Best Chef (2012, 2013) from That’s Shanghai, The Gold Standard Restaurants (2013) from Condé Nast Traveller UK, Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, Les Grandes Tables du Monde 2015, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Lifetime Achievement Award 2013 and Best New Restaurant (2012).

The ten guests that will join this surreal experience will meet with chef Paul Pairet in the heart of Shanghai’s city center at Mr & Mrs Bund restaurant. From here, they will be taken on a minibus to a confidential place that is only accessible via an elevator. They will then be transported on a three-hour trip to an oneiric world.  Are you ready for an authentic gastronomic adventure?

During three hours, 20 dishes from a pre-established menu will be served so that Pairet can reveal his vanguard cuisine freely. One of the dishes served is the classic fish and chips. It may seem mundane, plain and unattractive yet once you try it, you will feel like you are actually in the United Kingdom. This is thanks to the special effects that are incorporated into the room: cold, rain, grey sky, a waving flag of the United Kingdom, music from The Beatles… During 20 courses, you will feel transported into a voyage of sensations and stimuli.

This space has been created by designers, artists and technology experts to fully incorporate an HD 360º projector, another three projectors onto the table, an air blowing turbine, cameras, scent diffusers and a 60 light and horn system, among others. This type of technology is used to help the guest interact by playing with memory and emotions.

A wide range of companies have participated in the elaboration of this experience: the American design studio Art Beat Studio and the Catalan studio Magma have together taken care of technologic aspects, Scentys has contributed to developing the scent experience and K-Aarray-Senneheiser has been responsible for installing a 56 speaker soundsystem. All of these firms have taken into consideration small details to move and thrill every guest by offering a unique and special experience.


The Chef

Paul Pairet is a famous French chef and is the creator of the groundbreaking gastronomic concept that Ultraviolet offers. Pairet was educated in France and won fame in the cuisine sector in 1998 at Cafe Mosaic in Paris. Pairet decided to travel around the World to hong Kong, Sydney, Jakarta and Istambul, among many. Finally, he decided to land in Shanghai in 2005 to open a restaurant with the name Jade 36 at the Shangri-La hotel, in the Pudong neighborhood (East Shanghai). The aromas, textures and flavors that he discovered during his trips helped him create a new differentiated cuisine. During the three years he was head of Jade 36, the restaurant won an international reputation and became a reference in Shanghai.

In 2008, Pairet left Jade 36 to join VOL Group and create the Mr & Mrs Bund restaurant. The concept behind Mr & Mrs Bund was based on French gastronomy and soon it became one of the most refined restaurants in Shanghai. In 2012, Pairet launched Ultraviolet, after 15 years preparing to run this experimental restaurant. His success was imminent: magazines, press and interviews with international media. Today, Ultraviolet is ranked 24th on the list of best restaurants in the World according to the British magazine Restaurant.

Photos from Scott Wright of Limelight Studio

Shanghai is the most populated city in China and is one of the cities with the highest amount of residents in the World. With 20 million inhabitants, this metropolis has become an attractive destination for businesses. It is described as the economy with the biggest growth in the World. Shanghai has become a touristic destination with its monuments in the Bund area: City God Temple or skyscrapers in Pudong. You can also discover the gastronomy, culture and the innovative architectonic design the city offers.


Four Seasons Shangai


The Four Seasons Shanghai hotel in Pudong is in the financial district of the city, also known as Bund. In this area some of the most emblematic buildings from the European colony period are found.


The hotel counts on 187 rooms from which 15 suites stand out. They are categorized into three types. The selected suites are the Deluxe Suites and they offer 88m2. These suites are found on the 30 to 35 floors. The decoration combines Art Deco with influences from Coco Chanel. The bathrooms are covered in marble and include a boudoir. For extra comfort, a king size bed is provided. These rooms can hold up to three adults or two adults and one child.



Four Seasons stands out for its wide service offer. This hotel in Pudong has an interior swimming pool on the 41st floor that reveals impressive views to the Shanghai skyline. You’ll also find a multilingual concierge service, a business center, 24h Health Club, WiFi and free shuttle service for a radius of 3 kilometers. The most exclusive area of the hotel is the Executive Club on the 35th floor, where you will find VIP services like cocktails, a selection of newspapers and buffer breakfast among others. 

Photos from Four Seasons Hotels


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