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Tramontana Car

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You’ve just left from the event of the year, The Masquerade Ball. It’s been one of the best nights of your life.  You and your partner hop onto the Tramontana Car and feel the wind against your skin. This undescribable experience fills you with a wonderful sensation.  The engine’s strength roars throughout the night streets of Barcelona and a few pedestrians stop to stare at this supercar, driver and elegant co-pilot. Without doubt, you aren’t unnoticed when driving such a stylish car. There are so few privileged ones that can drive the Tramontana Car on public roads, that the amazement you generate is understandable.

The Tramontana Car, an evolution of a dream that aims to stop with the conventionalisms in the luxury supercar sector. Some of the improvements applied to this version include groundbreaking headlights that are now merged with the front aileron. You must feel how the performance of the vehicle is optimized when driving at high speed. This racing supercar has ceased to be a vehicle set aside for the sportive circuits and is now a precious jewel of the motor world.


  • Monocoque with high rigidity made of carbon fiber, combined with aluminium honeycomb, with a weight of 128 kg/282 lbs.
  • Eight specific areas to absorb the energy of the chassis in case of collision
  • Resistant made of duraluminum roll hoop that protects the occupants in case of overturning
  • Rear sub-chassis with high resistance made with chromium-molybdenum steel


  • Light weight carbon fiber, effective and beauty bodywork  
  • Quick replacement system in its assembly in case of accident 
  • Advanced aerodynamics thanks to the CFD studies of the computational fluid dynamics
  • Full design of the built-in front aileron LED headlights that increase the aerodynamics efficiency
  • Innovative design with easy removable cockpit canopy


Two options with mid-engine, longitudinal alignment and real wheel drive:

- 5,5 litre V12 Twin-Turbo up to 720 hp / 537 kW at 5.850 rpm. Multi-mode 3 power control 720 hp / 550 hp.

- 5,2 litre V10 Naturally Aspirated up to 600 hp / 447 kW at 8.500 rpm

  • High performance of the inside engine and the electronics
  • High performance: engine water radiators, intercoolers, box oil and steering.
  • Exhaust system ceramic coated
  • High efficiency battery with electric master switch by remote
  • Waterproof with silver connectors and cables


2 options depending on the engine option:

  • Six-speed robotized sequential manual CIMA gearbox to fit in the V12 engine configuration
  • Six-speed robotized sequential manual GRAZIANO gearbox to fit in the V10 engine configuration
  • 4 level traction control


  • Double wishbone system, push-rod actuated front and rear 
  • Öhlins 2 ways adjustable gas shock absorber per wheel 
  • Front and rear anti roll bar 
  • Electronic ride-height system, raising the car 50 mm / 1,97 in.

Wheels & Tires

  • Fully customizable forged aluminium alloy 20” rims
  • High performance Pirelli PZero tires
    • Front: 245/45 ZR20 (99Y)
    • Rear:335/30 ZR20 (104Y)


  • Ø 380 mm / Ø 14,96 in. carbon and ceramic discs brakes
  • 6 pistos callipers per wheel.
  • Advanced ABS system.


  • Rack and pinion, hydraulic power assisted
  • 2,0 turns locks to lock
  • 12 m / 3,66 ft. turning radius


  • Tandem structured seating position. Two seats placed one behind another
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • Fully adjustable steering column
  • High end stereo system
  • A/C  climate control
  • Automatic door opening by remote control
  • Sport seats
  • Raised passenger position
  • Fully customizable ergonomics according driver and passengers physiognomy


  • Total length        4.950 mm / 194,88 inches
  • Overall width      2.080 mm / 81,88 inches
  • Height                      1.300 mm / 51,18 inches.
  • Dry weight            1250 kg
  • Fuel capacity      90 liters


  • Highest speed: 325 kmh / 202 mph
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 kmh / 0-62 mph: <3,3 seconds



From the first to the last build each Tramontana Car is customized to the needs and wants of the driver. Unlike automobiles before it, a Tramontana is created and built from the imagination of the client. This makes every single detail customized to the individual, making each car a one-of-a-kind original, never to be replicated again.


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Tramontana Car
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