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We inspire your dreams

We are your reference in the High-End lifestyle

We inspire your dreams

We are your reference in the High-End lifestyle

 At Trovel, we collect unforgettable High-End experiences of a lifetime especially for you

Your trip begins when the sails on the Blue Deer unfold into a light blue summer sky as she sets sail for the Aeolian islands. For the next seven days your companions will be the blue sea and the relaxing sound of the sails billowing with the Mediterranean breeze.

Would you prefer changing the blue sea for a green safari? In the vast Maasai Mara plain, you'll find Angama, which in Swahili means “hanging in mid-air”, an exceptional camp with unrivaled views. Contemplate The Mara Triangle through a bird’s-eye view and observe the Big Five from the privacy of your elegant tent.

Do you want to get a closer look at the animals? Enter the Serengeti  National Park and experience one of the wildlife's greatest phenomenon: The Great Migration. Witness how more than two million animals move from Tanzania to Kenya, across the Serengeti, through the daily Game Drive. Stay lodged at Serengeti Under Canvas, a luxurious semi-permanent tented camp, and enjoy the authentic essence of Africa.

Now head to Sir Richard Branson’s haven in Morocco, popularly known as Kasbah Tamadot, and isolate yourself from the rest of the World. Step inside and you will instantly understand why this hideaway was named Soft Breeze (Tamadot, in Berber). Behold the unparalleled views of Mount Toubkal while you take a dip in the private jacuzzi of your  Berber Tent.

Your next destination is Dominican Republic. Casa Kimball is a cutting-edge architectural masterpiece. Thanks to its unique location, it is possible to catch a glimpse, from the 164 ft (50 meter-long) infinity pool, one of nature's most stunning displays: the humpback whales yearly arrival, coming to reproduce in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the island. Nature's rare and beautiful imagery only compliments the architectural beauty of  Casa Kimball. 

You are now about to discover our best kept secret. Get on board the helicopter and leave towards New Zealand. There you will find Seascape: an ultra-modern retreat where you will revel in the fabulous sunsets from the outdoor living room with its exterior fireplace.  

And to finish, your last stop is only five minutes away, accesible only by helicopter. Scrubby Bay is a farmhouse with a modern style, that keeps the essence of the rustic farm, while introducing contemporary elements to this remarkable country house located on a private isolated beach. Relax in the heated outdoor spa while you contemplate all the hues of the wide variety of landscapes.

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