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Lifestyle, Wellness and Coaching Retreat | 1st - 8th December - SOLD OUT

Balance your body and mind on 7-day retreat guided by professional Health Coach in the island of St Barths

Eden Rock

Lifestyle, Wellness and Coaching Retreat | 1st - 8th December - SOLD OUT

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Wake up at the crack of dawn and from the veranda of Blanc Bleu, your private villa for the next seven days, you are going to contemplate a dramatic scene: the dawn in Gouverneur’s mountains, the most secluded and private area of St Barths island.

While you take frequent sips of Alkaline water combined with an aloe vera juice, you feel how you revitalize your inside. Admittedly, this is only the beginning. Ahead you have one week to recover the energy and balance you’ve lost due to the stress of modern life.

Aminata, the retreat leader, gathers you in the vicinity of Blanc Bleu and you accompany him for a 90 minutes session of yoga, where you and the rest of the small group, will learn different yoga positions to get back your balance and concentration. The transformation and the path to encounter with yourself is closer than you think. To achieve your aim, you’ll have during the whole duration of the program Iris and Filippa, two members of Aminata’s team, that will help you to find the inner peace you have been yearning for so long through the cleanse of body and coaching.

In the afternoon, it’s time to take the yacht and go sailing. While some of you are having fun snorkeling in the turquoise waters of the island, others are simply swimming in the deep blue sea or sunbathing. To replenish forces Iris will prepare you a plant based picnic.

Back at the Blanc Blue, it’s time for a coaching session with Filippa, your spiritual guide in this retreat, who will open your heart and help you to get your inner peace through meditation.  

As the days pass by, you are starting to fall in love with this unique spot on earth. You will be in total union with nature and with yourself. Your body is cleansed, your mind clear and you feel how the energy flows with strength again, inside of you.

7 days of purifying diet, 7 days of yoga, 7 days of meditation and 7 days of health coaching, while you enjoy side activities such as snorkeling or surfing. At the end of the week you will have grown and improved holistically. Now you are capable of anything. The world is yours! Ready?

Your Wellness Oasis in the Caribbean Sea

This retreat takes place in Saint-Barthélemy, part of the French West Indies, in the popular Eden Rock-St. Barths resort, one of the most exclusive holiday destinations belonging to the Oetker Collection hotels. Oetker group not only offers visitors the highest level of guest service, but also masterpiece hotels and villas around the globe. The retreat will take place in Gouverneur, one of the most private and secluded areas in the island.

An entirely holistic experience

This retreat aims to make the participant discover his authentic himself using his own strategies and tools. The goal is that each participant is able to optimize his health and wellbeing following some techniques and advices. During the retreat the following four main areas will be dealt with: healthy nutrition, physical activity, personal development and interpersonal relationships. One highly-experienced leader together with his team of professionals will lead the retreat. Part of this team is a chef, that offers plant based nutritional advice and a spiritual coach, that presents lifestyle advices. All professionals are academically qualified in their fields and look back to a long and successful career.

A reduced group of six people

So you can get the most out of this high-end Wellness retreat, we only allow six people to participate. The limited number of participants will make this a very personalised experience: The group can for example decide if they want an activity be more soft or at a more demanding level. Furthermore, each member can incorporate additional or exclude existing activities if she wishes so. She only needs to tell Animata, the team leader, so she can adjust the activities program. 

Eden Rock Wellness Retreat will take place in the island of St. Barths, part of the French West Indies, from December, 1st to 8th. This seven-night Wellness Retreat will be the first one to take place in this resort.

The ideal setting, in the hills of Gouverneur on south-west island has been carefully chosen to guarantee the highest levels of privacy and peacefulness to the guests when doing their daily activities. From dawn to evening participants will be delivered a great variety of different activities such as yoga classes, surfing, snorkeling, meditation and hiking among others. Personal wellness consultations, organic, plant-based meals and beverages are also included in your everyday planning and will take place at the Blanc Bleu villa.

Your holistic retreat starts on Thursday with the check-in at the Eden Rock Hotel at 3pm. The first day consists of a meditation circle activity and a dinner. The following days will be filled up with activities from 7.30am to 7pm. Everyday before breakfast you will enjoy water activities and yoga classes. Before lunch, you will assist different Spa treatments and personal consultation. Evenings include activities to socialize with the rest of the group and dinners in villa to share impressions with your colleagues. In this retreat, interaction with the group members is key to achieve a sense of unity, so mind and body can be balanced.

Yoga plays an important role within this retreat due to its direct influence in your health and it will be applied in its diverse practices: physically, spiritually and meditating. The increase of vital energy helps our complete wellbeing and that’s why it is practised every morning.

This wellness retreat has as an ultimate goal. Reestablish the balance within your Holistic System in an integral way. Therefore, work is done at all levels: physically with the daily activities, mentally with the coach sessions and spiritually with the personalized advice and tips.

When you finish this retreat you’ll not only be conscious about the rhythms and needs of your body, but you’ll have also strengthened your muscles and bones, you’ll have delayed the aging process, you’ll have increased your vital energy and your organs will be oxygenated. In this way the cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive and breathing systems will also take advantage by opening the energetic channels. The emotional stability you’ll feel along with your inner self will bring you permanent peace and quietness.

A team of three professional and experienced women, who run their own businesses within the Wellness industry, will assist you and make your stay unforgettable: 

Aminata, the retreat Leader, is a Certified Yoga and Stand Up Paddle Yoga Teacher, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Raw Food Chef. She has been working in Eden Rock many years as Head of Eden Rock Wellness and she is in charge of all Wellness aspects at the Eden Rock Hotel. Aminata, has participated in several different retreats around the world from Bali to Mexico and because of her experience, she has now created a new concept. Her philosophy is to purify both inside and outside in a mindful way and in a beautiful and inspiring environment.

Iris, the Plant-Based Chef, is a Certified Raw Food. She is one of the Lead Instructors at Matthew Kenney Culinary. In addition to her work at Matthew Kenney Culinary, she also organises workshops and retreats in Vienna, Austria as well as Goa, India. Iris’ most recent project is a product line of food and beverages launched under her brand RAW for good, sold in stores in the United Kingdom.

Filippa, the Spiritual Coach, is a Certified Health Coach and the founder of Raw Clarity, a health coaching practice in Stockholm, Sweden. She sees health from a broader perspective where relationships, food, spirituality, mindfulness, sports, and career are all equally important. Through her coaching practice, workshops, and speaking events, she has the mission to help her clients love themselves, respect their bodies, and live their dream life.

Located in Gouverneur hills, the secluded Maison Blanc Bleu offers the ideal setting for a wellness retreat. The moment you enter this villa, the time ceases to exist. This contemporary villa belongs to Eden Rock-St Barths and it features six private bedrooms with their own bathroom. There are one master suite, four queen suites and one twin suite with all features and services for your highest comfort.

Other facilities in the villa include a 17x6 ft pool, bubble pool, gym, pop tennis court and trampoline. Sit down on the edge to the swimming pool and have a drink while you enjoy the peacefulness of the area. This brand new ultra luxe villa is very close to Gouverneur’s beach, only 3-minute drive away. It is possible to arrange priority reservations in the restaurants located at the beach upon request. The main Eden Rock hotel is at only 10-minute drive away if you want socialize with other guests staying in the resort.

Staying at Eden Rock you will have many advantages such as: Personalized island airport or port meet and greet, chauffeured transfer to villa, wellness coach, spiritual coach, plant-based chef, butler, organic plant-based meals and beverages, activities and spa treatments among others.

Photos from Eden Rock Hotel

What's included in the package?

  • Accommodation: 7 nights stay at villa Blanc Bleu. Prices may vary depending on the type of category room.
  • Activities: 7 90-min group yoga classes, 1 75-min semi-private SUP yoga class, 1 90-min group island hike, 1 60-min semi-private personal training, 1 60-min semi-private surf class, 1 45-min group snorkeling, 2 60-min group intention and goal sessions, 2 30-min group meditation circles, 1 60-min private wellness consultation, 1 60-min private personal development session and 1 half-day group boat trip.
  • Meals and Beverages: 7 alkaline water and shots, 7 cold-pressed juices, 7 superfood smoothies, 7 plant-based breakfasts in villa, 4 two-course plant-based lunches in villa, 1 plant-based picnic on boat, 1 three-course wellness lunch at Eden Rock, 4 two-course plant-based dinners in villa, 1 three-course wellness dinner at Eden Rock and 1 three-course wellness dinner in town.
  • Spa Treatments: 1 45-min rejuvenating body scrub, 1 60-min relaxing massage, 1 75-min purifying facial, 1 30-min cleansing scalp and hair mask and 1 90-min detoxifying and and foot ritual.

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